From Severe Acne to Clear Skin by ElaineMokk

The Story of How Elaine Overcame Her Severe Acne – The Acne Treatment, The Medications, and The Emotional Well-Being

Elaine shared her story on her youtube channel as well as on her blog ( about how she developed cystic acne in the year 2009 and how she overcame it.

The medication that she was on was Accutane which is a costly yet effective prescription drug. In most cases, your health insurance can cover the cost for this given that it is only prescribed to you when your case is severe (like Elaine’s here).

You can read the possible side effects of the medication from the WebMD website here.


from severe acne to clear skin elainemokk
Emotional well-being

Elaine seemed to have been relaxed about this, which is very important. Stress would only make it worse. She took her time and the results paid off. It took a couple of years but finally she’s overcome it.

You can view her entire journey here


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