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Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Loss

By Gina McCormack / October 24, 2016

We’re taught from birth that nothing good comes free. You want something? You work for it. That extends to your career and relationships, health and pretty much all areas of your life. And weight loss? Yes, you work for that too. But some folks are saying that green coffee bean makes it easy to lose […]


How to Maximize Weight Loss With Chlorogen 800

By Gina McCormack / October 19, 2016

Chlorogen 800 is a green coffee bean extract supplement. The claims: The product is designed for visible weight loss and has similar specifications to the supplement used in a 2012 study, in which overweight patients took green coffee bean extract and lost an average 17 pounds over 22 weeks. When we say ‘similar specifications’ we mean […]


FAQs About Chlorogen 800

By Gina McCormack / October 12, 2016

We’ve had a lot of questions recently about Chlorogen 800 green coffee bean extract. Yes, it’s one of the top weight loss supplements on the market right now – and you’ll probably find most of your questions answered about it with the following FAQs. Feel free to contact Leading Edge Health’s customer service too, if […]


How to Lose Weight Fast With HCA Fit

By Gina McCormack / September 24, 2016

I was wondering if the worst thing to happen to an Indonesian plant called Garcinia Cambogia was to be featured on Dr. Oz. Now Why do I say that? Anyone in the health supplements industry will tell you that the bandwagon jumpers go nuts when America’s fav celeb doctor declares something is safe, sexy and […]


HCA Fit Helps With Weight Loss

By Gina McCormack / September 23, 2016

Hibernation is a state of inactivity, during which metabolism becomes very slow. Bears hibernate and emerge from winter with nary a thought of winter weight gain. But unlike Gentle Ben, humans tend to come out from winter with pounds that are notoriously difficult to shed. Solutions? You can try HCA Fit, a garcinia cambogia extract […]


HCA Fit is a Garcinia Cambogia Extract

By Gina McCormack / September 20, 2016

Forget fasting and fad diets. If you want visible and lasting weight loss, you definitely have heard of  the extract of a plant called Garcinia Cambogia. The reason? It is proven to work, it has been featured on Dr. Oz’s show… and there is solid proof to back it up. In one study, people who […]


End Tummy Trouble With IBS Relief System

By Gina McCormack / May 18, 2016

Oh the nastiness of tummy trouble. You know how it goes, with the discomfort that starts in the stomach. Then the pain and the runs to the bathroom. And then it starts again. Then the pain and the runs to the bathroom. And then it starts again. Irritable bowel syndrome sucks all around. Symptoms include […]


Four Triggers of IBS…And a Solution!

By Gina McCormack / May 17, 2016

What’s on your mind? Perhaps a better question might be, what’s up with your stomach? Because if you’re one of the estimated 45 million Americans who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you know something all too well: IBS sucks. IBS is more than just an inconvenience. For many, it’s a detriment to their way […]


How to Minimize IBS

By Gina McCormack / May 16, 2016

Ask anyone with irritable bowel syndrome and they’ll tell you it’s more than an inconvenience. IBS is a disorder of the gastrointestinal system that causes pain and discomfort. In extreme cases, IBS can ruin careers and strain relationships. In some people, the gut is truly evil. IBS is more than just a stomach that won’t […]


Your Treatment Strategy For IBS

By Gina McCormack / May 15, 2016

The gut’s got a mind of its own. Ask anyone with irritable bowel syndrome and they’ll tell you, the good days are usually sporadic. And those bad days…ouch. While it’s not uncommon to experience symptoms of an upset stomach from time to time, if they happen frequently, it’s time to get serious about IBS and […]

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