Natural Beauty Tips for Women

Many people look in the mirror with concern, as they believe that, despite all efforts they haven’t been able to improve their physical appearance.

natural beauty tips for women

These efforts (gym, cosmetic creams recognized firms, etc.) often represent a considerable expenditure of time and money.

However, you may be radiant with an easy and simple way; it is only necessary to know some tips and then described:

Natural Beauty Tip 1 – Eat well

If your diet does not include enough water, fruits, vegetables and that is why you do not have a smooth and glowing skin. Fats dehydrate the skin and give it that look dull and faded that not only looks unpleasant, but you add age.

Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant phytonutrients help fighting against the effects of aging and free radicals, etc. So now you know: if you want to look good, eat well.

Beauty Tip 2 – Neutralizes Stress

Stress is another major enemy of the good looks. When you feel tense, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that can increase the production of fat in areas such as the skin and scalp.

As a result, appear breakouts, makeup fades more quickly and is difficult to comb the hair. In other cases, cortisol can cause the opposite effect: that is, dry skin and hair; Also nails become brittle and grow more slowly.

relax for better sleep

Therefore it is recommendable to carry out activities that help you release stress, such as meditation or exercise,

Tip No. 3 – Sleep well

A minimum of seven hours per night is needed for the skin to perform its natural repair process. In addition, poor sleep promotes weight gain, so getting enough rest gives you a double benefit.

If you suffer from insomnia, you can take natural linden tea or valerian. Even the traditional glass of warm milk may be helpful.

Tip Number 4 – Use Sunscreen Every Day

The spots and wrinkles do not appear by magic, are the result of years and years of accumulated sun damage, unprotected exposure to the sun causes damage difficult to repair or even using the most expensive serum; it is best that you protect your skin with a high SPF.

Tip 5 – Keep Your Skin Clean.

Massage your face for 30 to 60 seconds with the cleaner (soap or lotion) you use daily, allowing the cleaning agents containing penetrate better into your skin to peel impurities.

Natural Beauty for Radiant Skin 6 – Exfoliate

natural facial to get radiant skin

The dead cells that accumulate on the surface and give it a rough appearance dead, but suffice to remove the cells once or twice a week.

You can use a mix sugar with warm milk and massage with this preparation your wet body, sure to exert enough pressure to remove what is left, but not enough to damage your dermis,

Beauty Tip 7 – Take Care of Your Hair

If you want a cute hair, follow these simple recommendations: I get a hair cut  or trimmed every 6 or 8 weeks to keep it healthy without split ends.

Wash it every other day so that it retains its natural oils, it prevents frizz and dry hair; apply conditioner only half the head down to not carry more fat than necessary to the scalp.

Tip Number 8 – Use the Perfume as Trademark

Choose the fragrance that best suits your personality and use it every day; eventually the people around you associate that smell with you. A tip: apply your fragrance in one of your wrists and press it against the other, do not rub as this may alter the smell. If you want, you can create your own home fragrances and perfumes.

Tip Number 9 – Take Care of Your Feet and Hands

We do not mean to have perfect manicure and pedicure every day, enough to keep them well hydrated, avoids the flakes and bite fingernails short and toenails regularly. Applying creams on dry hands can be done as often as you feel like in order to keep them from wrinkling.

There you have it, the top 9 natural beauty tips for women of all ages. These tips are the basic fundamentals that will keep you looking and feeling young and beautiful for many years to come.