Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin by MissLizHeart

Check out how Liz takes care of her amazing skin (Suitable for Those With Dry Skin Type)

Liz has incredibly young skin. You would probably guess she is not older than 22. Well, she’s in her late twenties now that’s all because of her daily skin care regime that she shares with us today on her video.

She emphasises that prevention is better than correction. Although she is in her 20’s, she takes the anti-aging skincare routine pretty seriously.

Don’t worry! There is no need to buy all these high end products to achieve similar results. Simply mix shea butter with extra virgin olive oil as your daily moisturiser if you have really dry skin. Use oat meal mix with baking soda and olive oil to use exfoliator.

What Does Liz Use?

These are for her night time regime. The day time is just with SPFs.

Photos captured from MissLizHeart's video

Photos captured from MissLizHeart’s video


Photos captured from MissLizHeart's video

Photos captured from MissLizHeart’s video


Photos captured from MissLizHeart’s video

❤ Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes – great cleansing wipes to remove 97% of her makeup including water-proof mascara
❤ Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam – This literally brightens her skin after every wash.
❤ Clarisonic – Use this twice weekly as it tends to overly dry your skin if used too often.
❤ Chanel Lotion Comfort Toner – 2nd bottle for Liz, this mild and alcohol-free tone helps prep her skin for the next step
❤ Cotton Rounds
❤ SKll Facial Essence – She swears by this thing. It’s like facial serum that helps your skin stay young looking. Results can be noticeable within 3 weeks.
❤ SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair Cream – The key is to use ring finger to rub small amount of the cream and then tap the product lightly around the eyes and up to the brow area.
❤ Shiseido Bio Performance Advance Super Revitalizing Face Cream – Rich moisturiser that’s great for night time and suitable for dry skin
❤ Now Foods Castor Oil – This helps Liz grow longer lashes and thicker brows. It’s also inexpensive! What’s not to love?
❤ Anna Sui Lip Balm
❤ Tarte Maracuja Oil – An extra boost for the extra dry skin day
❤ Natural dermis Exfoliant


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