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Get the Glowing, Confident Skin you Deserve with Clear Pores

By Gina McCormack / October 14, 2016

If you have suffered the devastating effects of having acne ridden skin, then you know what it is like to try product after product that is ineffective. It’s frustrating, time-consuming and just adds more stress to your life that is one of the causes of acne in the first place. But what product can you […]


Why Does ClearPores Beat Out Other Acne Creams on the Market?

By Gina McCormack / October 9, 2016

reamEverywhere you go and everywhere you look there is an overwhelming amount of information and products Many of them offer huge, too-good-to-be-true claims on how they can rid your life of acne and blemishes forever. When you walk down the drug store isle you can’t even count the number of bottles and jars of creams […]


Treat your Skin to the Wonders of Clear Pores

By Gina McCormack / October 7, 2016

Life throws many stresses at us every single day and one way to combat those stresses is to just take a break and give ourselves a treat. To some that might mean a night out at the movies and for others it might mean a relaxing night in front of the TV with their favorite […]


[Infographic] DIY Coconut Beauty Products That Work!

By Gina McCormack / August 29, 2015

  Coconuts are known to greatly benefit health. But its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and moisturising properties are also what make coconut goodies so popular. To avoid paying too much for something that you can do yourself. Check out the infographic below to learn how to make coconut beauty products that really work wonders!   Photo from […]


Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin by MissLizHeart

By Gina McCormack / July 30, 2015

Check out how Liz takes care of her amazing skin (Suitable for Those With Dry Skin Type) Liz has incredibly young skin. You would probably guess she is not older than 22. Well, she’s in her late twenties now that’s all because of her daily skin care regime that she shares with us today on her […]


From Severe Acne to Clear Skin by ElaineMokk

By Gina McCormack / July 29, 2015

The Story of How Elaine Overcame Her Severe Acne – The Acne Treatment, The Medications, and The Emotional Well-Being Elaine shared her story on her youtube channel as well as on her blog ( about how she developed cystic acne in the year 2009 and how she overcame it. The medication that she was on […]


Night Time Acne Skin Care Regimen by ItsMeRayeRaye

By Gina McCormack / July 19, 2015

ItsMeRayeRaye reveals her 2015 updated night time acne skin care routine The reason for it being the night time acne routine is because she uses the medication called Retin A 1% which is known to be effective yet requiring high maintenance and is light sensitive. Precautions: Retin A is used to treat acne and wrinkles […]

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