How to Take Care of Your Rings

A special item like a wedding, eternity, or championship ring is a cherished possession and deserves to be well-kept.

There are plenty of things to do to take care of rings, which can range from the location it is stored to the chemicals to avoid using. Here are a few of tips to help take care of your ring:

Purchase insurance

Specialist jewelry insurance is usually worth the extra investment for high valued items that can easily get damaged, stolen or lost. For the rings that are made in precious metals and include diamonds, it is worth having the ring appraised every 5-6 years because the value can easily increase over time.

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Avoid removing in public

While it is essential to wash the hands after using a public restroom, you should resist removing the ring and putting it to one side. There is a great risk of leaving it behind when you leave or it may even fall down the drain.

Keep the ring clean

There are plenty of random cleaners in the home that can be used to clean the ring. But, for the sentimental or precious rings, it may benefit to visit an expert jeweler to give the safe and careful clean. They mostly use a steam cleaning method that leaves the metal and stones sparkling. A regular clean is useful for removing everyday dirt, skin oil and lotions. A build up of dirt can soon leave the metal and stones appearing dull and clouded.

For those that prefer to clean their jewelry at home, it is possible to clean most rings using mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to give the ring a good clean. Alternatively, a diamond ring can be left in a bowl of equal parts cold water and ammonia. Leave in the mixture for about 30 minutes and let it air dry. Avoid using ammonia on any other stones.

Avoid harsh chemicals

It is practical to remove rings from the fingers if planning to clean the home with harsh chemicals. Cleaning agents like bleach can soon leave a metal looking dull and can even cause damage to emeralds or other colored gemstones.

Wear and tear

Even though a ring with embedded diamonds has the hardest natural material in the world, there is still a risk of it being chipped from needless wear and tear. Try to avoid knocking the ring against other hard or unforgiving materials.

Maintenance appointments

All-round maintenance is vital to avoid issues with hairline cracks in the shank, loose diamonds, or loose prongs. A visit to a jeweler once a year should be sufficient to maintain the ring to a high standard.


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