Welcome to FemSociety!

Hi Beautiful People,

My name is Gina, and I am 100% American with Asian origin.

Since childhood my grandmother who is a vegetarian and a fan of luxury goods, gave me tips for good food, good use cosmetics and I instilled the importance of taking care of my body and well-being. So, my blog is the fruit of all those principles! 🙂

Fascinated by the world of cosmetics, fashion and beauty I have decided to create my blog dedicated to sharing what I know with all of you ladies!

Apart from beauty, cosmetics, and nutritions, I am also a lover of travel and new challenges. I have had the opportunity to travel, work and study in different parts of the world (Thailand, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, etc …).

In 2013 I finish my studies in Marketing and Advertisement, I have the opportunity to work in a renowned company in the field of cosmetics in Seoul, where I learned even more about the digital industry and cosmetics. Elements that inspired me and helped me develop my blog.

Today I continue my studies and work for a company in the area of ​​internet marketing and specializes in the sale of luxury goods. I am 100% addicted to the travel, good food, fashion and skincare. I want to share my passion with you through my blog.

So stay tuned for the upcoming great content.