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070 Who is Shake? 5 Things The Rapper Was Dating Lily-Rose Depp – Hollywood Life

Celebrities070 Who is Shake? 5 Things The Rapper Was Dating Lily-Rose Depp – Hollywood Life

070 Shake, Lily-Rose Depp

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070 Shake, 25, has been a rising rapper for many years. With major collaborations and huge tours under her belt, she is making a huge name for herself in the music world. rapper, whose real name is Daniel Balbuena, Recently came into limelight when he was seen kissing the actress. lily-rose depp, 23, on her Instagram Story. Lily revealed that the pair had been dating for four months when she shared the photo. While the couple’s relationship is still relatively new, here’s everything you need to know about Shaq!

Shayk and Lily are seen hanging out together in Paris. (

070 Shake has two albums out

Shaq has been working on music for almost a decade, and made his debut when he released his single “Trust Nobody” in 2016. her first ep Glow came out in 2018. While she has a ton of one-off tracks under her belt, she didn’t release her first record. modus vivendi By 2020. She followed the album with her sophomore release in 2022 You can not kill me. Her music embraces hip-hop, electronic and alternative music.

He is part of the 070 Collective

Shaq has been releasing music since 2016 and working with big names. (Daniel DeSlover / REX / shutterstock)

What exactly does the series of numbers in front of 070 Shake’s name mean? It’s actually a reference to a group of rappers she started out with. Since they all came from similar parts of New Jersey, they used the state’s 070 prefix which starts many zip codes throughout the Garden State. The collective was composed of 11 people, including rappers and producers, and released their first mixtape 070 Project: Chapter 1 In 2016.

she has collaborated with big rappers

Shortly after dropping his debut, Shaq got some huge opportunities to work with major names in the music industry. He was featured on the songs “Ghost Town” and “Violent Crime”. Kanye West’s 2018 album Yes, Per The father. she also sang the chorus pusha t “Santeria” on their 2018 album daytona, Via genius. has also been displayed Dj Khaled Song “Holy Mountain” from 2019 Ashad’s father.

In addition to his work in the studio, he has also taken part in major performances. She made her Coachella debut in 2023. He toured in 2016 with 1975, and that also opened kid Cudi as part of on the moon visits in 2022, per Result.

She doesn’t like to ‘label’ her sexuality

Shaq wraps his arm around Lily while out in Paris. (

Shayk hasn’t shied away from speaking about his sexuality in his music and in interviews. He posed for a picture with his ex-girlfriend in a 2017 profile the trend. While her songs regularly reference her sexuality, Shayk admitted she prefers to keep it casual in her 2018 profile Pitchfork. “I don’t really consider myself gay or lesbian or anything,” she told the outlet. “I only like girls.”

she was a high school basketball star

Outside of rapping, 070 Shake was a member of his high school’s basketball team. She was a shooting guard for North Bergen High School on the Bruins girls basketball team NJ Advance. In fact, his time at court inspired his name as a rapper. She regularly performed a move on the court called the “Shake Weave”, which she adopted as her stage name when she began making music.

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