12 of New England’s most romantic vacations

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I can see it now: it’s Thursday night, and you and your boo just spent another night eating takeaway in front of the TV. Don’t get me wrong, these nights can be great. This means you are casual, get along well, and don’t have to wear buttoned pants. It’s essentially a dream.

But I also realize that the sofa may not cut it.Whether you have anniversary Landscape changes can be a game changer if you are on the horizon or if you need special bonding time.Fortunately for you, these United States are the home of the most people Romantic vacation It is on the market.No, newyork Hawaii.. We are talking about good old New England.

ICYMI in New England is a northeastern region that includes the six states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. From quaint antique charm to stunning beaches, every state in New England promises a vacation that you and your partner will feel like the romantic comedy character you really are. In addition, New England is known for its unique seasons, so gorgeous, snow-covered winters, picturesque, Beach summerAnd the most cozy postcard leaf moments of the fall-you are guaranteed fab time at any time of the year.

While the popularity of the area can certainly lead to some high price tags, we have carefully selected a list of 12 adorable inns and romantic vacations in New England. In that mood). Okay, it’s a happy plan!

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Harborview Hotel

Completion: Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown, Massachusetts. Yes, that view seems too good to be true, but it’s just the beginning, my friends. The hotel has just undergone a major refurbishment and offers private yoga classes, an outdoor heated pool, golf carts and other jewelry to take you wherever you want to go anywhere on the island. If miles of bike paths (bicycles are free, but by the way) do not continue to occupy you and Bae, you can always enjoy the calm natural atmosphere on a day trip to Chapakidik Island.

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Burned Inn

Located in Manchester, Vermont, this family-run inn has only 20 rooms and is a great place to spend an intimate vacation. Pamper yourself with an indoor massage. If you’re blessed with snow, try riding a sled pulled by a nearby horse.

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Blind Tiger Guest House

Next is Portland, Maine. If you choose to stay at the Blind Tiger Guest House, you can unwind in a modern 19th-century home just off the Old Port Exchange, the city’s premier restaurant and shop hub in Portland’s Arts District and waterfront. I can do it. In addition to a complimentary breakfast, you can also expect access to a community billiard room for an all-day pantry and great Old Hollywood conditions.

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Chatham Birds Inn

There’s nothing like the classic Cape Cod, especially when you’re awakening to this insane sea sunrise at Chatham Birds Inn. With a quarter-mile private beach, a cozy library and a spa, it’s definitely hard to leave. The rooms in the main house are nice, but if you want to make your vacation special, book one of your private cottages to have the highest quality time.

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AWOL Kennebunkport

As their website perfectly states, staying at AWOL in Kennebunkport, Maine means you’re in the middle of everything, feeling like you’re nowhere else. This brand new hideaway is within walking distance of Kennebunkport’s Dock Square (shopping, art galleries, bars, etc.), but its wooden cabin and rustic main building make you feel unhappy. Want to get fresh air? We highly recommend ties on a kayak trip at Kennebunkport Marina.

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In At Stonington

Inat Stonington, Connecticut is a short drive from several major east coast cities. Featuring 18 uniquely decorated rooms with a fireplace and Jacuzzi tub, this ryokan makes Slack’s notifications and subway platforms feel like a distant memory. From hiking trails to winery tours, there’s a lot to explore (you’ll have to go to the Saltwater Farm Vineyard on summer nights). Oh, and did I mention the beach?

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Getaway House

You may already know Getaway House from the iconic wood and glass cabin photos in the Instagram feed. Fortunately, they have a new location in Moodus, Connecticut. In addition to the kitchen and fire pit, Getaway House promotes a technology-free stay by offering a cell phone box (perfect for you!) And plenty of books and games. You don’t really need them on your romantic vacation!

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Briar burn-in

Located in Raleigh, Massachusetts, Briarburn Inn is just 30 miles from Boston and is ideal for couples who want to stay in the heart of the city. The main street is just around the corner, and you can explore the Witch History Museum, raid antique shops, and then return to the fireplace and flat-screen TV. If this isn’t the best of both worlds, check what it is.

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In At Burklin

The inn that turned from this real estate to a dormitory is a little more luxurious, that is, look at it! Located in East Burke, Vermont, this luxurious hotel features stables and barns for horseback riding and yoga classes on the mountaintop. If you’re visiting in the winter, you’ll have direct access to hiking trails and snow sports. In addition, if you’re heading out to the city, you can see lots of classic movie screenings and ballet performances at the Catamount Arts Center. It’s so perfect, I was able to cry!

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In At Hastings Park

Located in Lexington, Massachusetts, this lovely 22-room inn is a picturesque perfect vacation for couples who love American history modestly. Not only are the hotel decorations studded with hints of Revolutionary War memorabilia, but the inn is surrounded by numerous wartime landmarks and exhibits. In addition, homes owned by writers such as Louisa May Alcott are in the immediate vicinity and can be used for tours. Looking to do something on the hotel grounds? No problem. Just sign up for one of your private cooking classes for a completely cool (and tasty) binding activity. Check, check, check.

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11 11

Terra Mall Outdoor Resort

Terramor Outdoor Resort in Bar Harbor, Maine is officially taking it to the next level, so if you think you know one or two about glamping, literally forget everything. See a double room with its own fire pit, diffuser, screen pouch, and plenty of coffee and wine glasses to use as you like. Yeah, it’s your “tent” at night. Oh, did you say that the hotel also has a pool, hot tub and restaurant? And do they offer a telescope for a super cute starry dating night? Book. this. now.

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In at Castle Hill

Located in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Inn at Castle Hill has a romantic atmosphere all year round.No, not only because of its completely pretty and thoughtful decoration, it also Roughly Popular wedding venue (* wink *)! That said, it’s a serious story, but it’s very difficult to book a room at the last minute, so be sure to plan ahead.

Anyway, if you like a hotel that covers all your needs, this ryokan will serve you and your boos daily homemade breakfast, free access to Crane Beach (obviously one of the best on the East Coast), And set up with lots of activities on-site, from guided nature hikes to live theaters.

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