15 Best Clothes Storage Ideas for 2022 — Smart Closet Storage Solutions


If you don’t have a huge walk-in closet approved by Carrie Bradshaw in your home, we would like to express our deepest condolences.Believe me, I know the pain trying to squeeze your whole Wardrobe In a small closet. Uninteresting! In fact, it may be nearly impossible! Some might say that the simplest solution here is just to get rid of things, but I jump in and say that! No! !! option! (Don’t say you only need 5 pairs of shoes. It’s over ???)

listen. listen to me. Don’t listen to them. The internet is full of creative clothing storage ideas, so it’s good that we live in this era. Space-saving solution For desperate people like us — and I have 15 of the best outlined for you below. Maybe your closet is so small? Or do you not have it at all? (I’m praying for you.) Perhaps your wardrobe is overflowing and you just need something more creative Storage solution Stores all your important things. Whatever your dire situation, consider one of the following ideas. And kindly tell those minimalists to stop. Goodbye.

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Get you a cupboard

Wicker bedroom clothing cabinet

Don’t have a closet (or need an extension)? It sounds like you can use the cupboard. Not only can you store your clothes, but if you get something chic like this bad boy, it’s a great opportunity to bend the lines of your interior design.


Invest in a clean storage box

Parchment white calm storage bottle

Container store x Marie Kondo

Hide your sweater, jeans, handbag, or anything else in a clean storage box. do not have Totally annoying. So if you need to see them every day, you’ll be glad they aren’t uggo.


Uses a space-saving hanger

Magic hanger (12 packs)

These space-saving magic hangers are really magic.. And the best part is that you don’t have to replace all the hangers! Get this 12-pack organizer, hook it on an existing hanger and start storing your clothes vertically.


Compress the storage bag

Vacuum compression storage bag with hand pump (6 packs)

Well, yes, the sweater is bulky as a whole. And when they aren’t in season, you’ll need a way to compress and store them all. It’s good to have these vacuum compressed storage bags! (And yeah, they work in your standard vacuum for speedy compression!)


Use shelf dividers

Acrylic shelf partition (4 packs)

Shelf dividers are great for organizing overflowing shelves and closets. Helps keep all items in place. This means you can get the most out of your storage.


Get a storage bench

MariboIvory Bouclé 32 “Ottoman with storage

We love good 2-in-1. Store off-season clothing in a chic ottoman that doubles as a seat.


Select under-bed storage

Under-bed storage box (2 packs)

If in doubt, paste it under the bed. However, put it in a protective storage box. The two sets come with a stylish pull and a dustproof cover. winner!


Get some nested storage boxes

Set of 5 wooden stacking storage boxes

When these nested storage boxes aren’t in use, I love being able to put them away in less space.


Use a clothing rack

Industrial pipe garment garment rack with lower shelf

With the clothes rack, you can not only hide in the closet, but also decorate your favorite items. Or, if you don’t have a closet, think of it as a necessity.


Organize drawers

Folding Drawer Organizer (12 packs)

Believe me, your underwear drawers are likely to be much easier to handle with the dividers in these drawers.

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Buy a shoe storage cabinet

Burlywood 12 pair shoe storage cabinet

Just tell me, your shoes deserve a home.


Consider a storage bed

Monterey full wood storage bed

If you want to completely hide the under-bed storage, get a bed with storage! If not, there are many lost real estate out there for ~ storing things ~.


Hang a double closet rod

Whitmor double closet rod

With this easy-to-use tool, you can turn your basic closet into a two-tiered closet. (This is the origin of the dream, isn’t it?)


Get a closet hanging organizer (with drawers!)

6-Shelves closet organizer with drawers

Closet hanging organizer is not accurate New arrival Innovative idea. However, if you do, make sure you have a drawer. Convenience is the name of the game!


Build a closet system

White Benco 59 “W Closet System Walk-in Set

And if all hope is lost and you need a complete closet system, I’m here to encourage you to get it, my friend.

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