15 Best Lesbian Movies on Netflix


We are still over the winter, and you know what that means: lots Netflix and chill weekend. Now you scroll through seemingly endless products, The perfect movie For your mood.Whether you like to scare yourself horror film Or put it all out Tear jar car film, Netflix has something for everyone.And if you are looking Lesbian representative For Friday night viewing, Netflix has plenty of options for LGBTQ +.We went through and selected some of the best Strange love movie You can stream it now on Netflix.

Some of these movies are sweet romantic dramas about falling in love and overcoming challenges. Some of them are straight slasher flicks.And some A documentary that provides insight into the history of the LGBTQ +.. No matter how you feel, there’s probably a movie about it. Some films focus specifically on lesbian relationships, while others feature lesbian relationships as part of the character’s background, and other factors drive the plot. After all, if heterosexual romance can be a B-plot for other actions, comedies, or dramas, why is it different from lesbian romance?

Here are some of the best movies of lesbian characters you can watch right now on Netflix. rom-coms To Psychological thriller..

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Half of that

This up-and-coming movie follows Erie Chu, a smart and shy high school student living in a small town who makes money by writing homework for other students. Erie agrees that her classmate Paul approaches her to write a love letter to her classmate Aster. Ellie and Paul begin to develop friendships as he helps make his communication, but Ellie soon realizes that she also has emotions for Astor.

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Duck butter

When Naima meets a mysterious girl named Sergio at the bar, they connect immediately. Sergio proposes the idea of ​​spending 24 hours (and having sex once an hour) with a person as a way to fast forward a relationship. Naima declined at first, but she later decided to incorporate Sergio into the idea. Spoiler Note: Things get complicated.

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Ride or die

This Japanese movie follows Ray when he learns that his ex-classmate Nanae is being abused by her husband. Ray solves her problem with her own hands to protect her Nanae and prove how much she loves her. In the aftermath of Ray’s decision, both women suffer from their intense emotions towards each other and the consequences of Ray’s actions.

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Hello Meryl Streep! This musical is the story of Emma, ​​a student who wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom. But since this is a small conservative Indiana town, did the PTA decide that Emma couldn’t take her girlfriend to the prom and instead canceled the dance altogether? A group of Broadway performers saw the story on Twitter and they decided to head to Indiana to express her support for Emma (and rejuvenate her career). There are some twists and turns, but rest assured that there is a happy ending.

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Secret love

Unique league + Lesbian relationship = This documentary film. The film tells the true story of All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League Terry Donahue and his partner Pat Henschel. They had been in a relationship for almost 70 years before talking to their families. The film explores the love story of Terry and Pat, including the challenges faced by lesbians and other members of the LGBTQ + community throughout history.

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Ann +: Movie

Based on the Dutch television series, the film follows Anne, a woman who has finished writing her novel and is planning to move from Amsterdam to Montreal and be with her longtime girlfriend Saar. But when she meets a non-binary drug artist named Lou who offers a different perspective on her love, gender, and life, her plans change.

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Elisa and Marcella

The film is based on the true story of two Spanish women, Elisa Sanches Loriga and Marcela Glaciai Bears, disguised as a heterosexual couple to marry in 1901. They fall in love as classmates and eventually hatch plans for Elisa to leave their town for a while before returning as “Mario” so she can marry Marcella. Interesting fact: They are the first same-sex marriages recorded in Spain.

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Perfect ending

When housewife Rebecca told her friend that she and her husband had sex only a few times a year, one of them suggested that Rebecca hire a sex worker through careful service. Did. Rebecca will meet Paris, an artist and sex worker who helps her explore her sexuality. Although they have a close relationship, Rebecca has a secret that will ultimately change both.

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Check this out if you like your movie with a biiiig dose of psychological horror. Allison Williams plays cellist Charlotte, who had to leave her prestigious music academy to take care of her dying mother, and Logan Browning is the academy’s new star student, Lizzie. Play. Things quickly become ominous when Charlotte reconnects with the director of the Academy and meets Lizzie. Don’t ruin anything, but there are some crazy plot twists that you’ll never see coming.

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I care a lot

Rosamund Pike plays the scammer Mara Grayson in this dark comedy thriller. She takes advantage of the elderly and sells off their assets with the help of her girlfriend / her business partner Fran. But Marla finds that when the son of her criminal comes after them, they exploit the wrong woman. The relationship between Mara and Fran isn’t necessarily the central focus of the film, but it doesn’t have to be worth watching.

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11 11

Demon Inside

Anniversary weekends take a terrifying turn with this tense horror movie. Jules believes she and his wife, Jackie, are celebrating their first anniversary in a remote hut owned by Jackie’s family. But when her old friend tells Jules about Jackie’s tragic events from the past, things go dark and Jules finds himself fighting for his life.

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Love song

If you have had a strangely intense and kind of romantic friendship, you will get this movie. Sarah is an overwhelming mother who raises her toddler almost herself while her husband frequently goes to work. She calls her old friend Mindy, and they make an instant expedition where they find themselves reconnecting and becoming physically intimate. A few years later, Mindy engages in marrying a man, and Sarah comes to her bachelorette party, where many complex emotions arise. Neither character needs to be explicitly lesbian, but this movie is still an interesting quest for friendship and strange love.

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Fear Street Part 1: 1994

Like a slasher movie? Lesbian romance? please! Based on RL Stine’s book series, the film follows a group of teens trying to fight the evil supernatural forces after several brutal deaths in a small town. Dina, a member of the group, refuses to believe in the alleged curse on the town. But in the end she realizes that the curse is real and her only possible solution may be to kill her ex-girlfriend Sam.

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Julianne Moore plays Catherine in this thriller. Catherine suspects her husband is having an affair with her. She decides to hire a sex worker named Chloe to test her husband’s loyalty. Chloe has her duty, but both women soon realize that there may be sparks between them.

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Someone great

Now, this comedy is about women’s friendships, farewells, career goals, and much more. It’s not the main story, but Erin has some seriously adorable moments with the girl Leah she’s dating.

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