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15 times extravagant celebs were called out

Celebrities15 times extravagant celebs were called out

In a statement to the LA Times, his attorney, Marty Singer, said, “He has more than 500 mature trees on the property, including numerous fruit trees and pine trees. In all likelihood, due to not getting enough water.” They will die. They may fall dead or damaged trees on my client’s property or nearby properties. My client is responsibly and proactively addressing the situation. They have allowed the grass to die, and other areas is watered by a drip irrigation system. They informed the city about this mature tree, and are awaiting an inspection and further direction from the city on how to proceed. I believe all major trees in the area The properties have similar issues. So I am confident that my client will not be unfairly singled out from the story because he is a well-known person.”

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