18 Best Living Room Wall Decor Ideas for 2022 — How to Decorate Living Rooms


So you got you Dream sofasome Stunning plantsWhen Spring home decoration In rock — hell, maybe you too Painted the wall of your living room Gorgeous shades — yet you feel like it’s all missing something.. all right. We want our main entertainment space to look like a Pinterest board that we’ve grown from the beginning of time (relevant!). So, of course, you’re not just going to stop there. You are looking for some living room wall decoration ideas to tie it all together.

Sure, sure, you can Throw some frames on the wall and call it a day. But you’re not just here for an old home decor idea.You are looking for chic..You are looking for Deserves Instagram. But above all, you’re probably looking for Easy When Affordable.. I got you! Below you will find lots of cute wall decorations, from artistic wall hangings to cool light features. So continue to look at this list of living room wall decoration ideas that will completely transform your home. Promise I don’t trust it. (It was just you!)

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Gallery wall

Flower Power Gallery Wall

I love the walls of a good gallery, but don’t want to do all that hard work? No big deal! Desenio offers a variety of gallery wall sets. So just pick the one you like best and hang up. No planning required.


Statement mirror

Oval jute mirror

That wall for a moment With such a gorgeous mirror.Not only does it add to the space, it also helps to make it great. A place to check yourself before breaking yourself if you hang it at the front door.


Sculpture work of art

Object Matter Ceramic Double Sprinkle Circle Knot

Wall art comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. So why not consider this cool knot-like 3D piece?


Some removable wallpapers

Graffiti squiggle magenta on white

Alternatively, you can turn that wall into a wall with bold wallpaper accents. This peel and stick is removable and is perfect for phobias and lessor commitments.


Large canvas artwork

Perse painting

There are many gorgeous canvas art pieces on the internet waiting to be snatched.No, you don’t Have To fork your life savings for great artwork.


Some cool glass wall art

Blown glass wall art

Etsy is a great source of artwork, and this blown glass wall art is proof of that. Get multiples and create big, stunning artworks, or get just one. In any case, the wall appears to come straight out of the art gallery.


Colorful art print

Lisbon Art Blue Flower Market Print

Probably the easiest way to add some Oomph! By hanging an art print that tells you and your style in your space. It’s simple, but it’s a lot of trial and error.


Symbolic photo

Elvis Presley of Dayton

Or get a framed print of an iconic photo. Chic, sophisticated, and (above all) Easy..


Some floating shelves

Floating shelf (2) mounted on a rainbow-colored wall

Do not underestimate the power of a good shelf system. Not only can you put more things on it, it’s also a great opportunity to show off your interior design skills. (And can you tell us how cute these iridescent bulletin boards are?)


Some framed records

Gallery brass record frame with white mat

Oh, that’s right. The perfect way to make your vinyl record collection flexible.

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Neon sign

LED neon sign that touches your finger

Just saying this On you sofa?? interior design.


Light projector

Nelsi Sunset Lamp Projection

Or ask me now. Let this shine on a blank wall, It’s done.. Art exhibition.


Interesting bookshelf

Proman Products Spine Bookshelf

Continue to brag Genuine Work of art in your home: a book.


Decorative wall hangings

Cotton Phippsburg wall hanging on a rod

Think of a gorgeous wall hanging like this colorful, vintage-inspired wall.


Illuminating wall-mounted candle holder

Leap black candlestick lamp

Install a wall-mounted candlestick and turn its corners into a reading corner.

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Some simple wall hooks

Modern wall hook (4 pieces)

If you have to-die-for Decorate your handbag or coat with a wardrobe and a simple wall hook.

17 17

Mirror gallery wall

Wall mirror (set of 4)

Cosmo Living by Cosmopolitan

Or what about the reflective gallery walls? Chic, cool and modern. Plus, this $ 150 set is an easy way to change space.

18 18

Full-length shelves

Theo 5-Shelf Wood Modern Bookcase

Need a practical home decor idea? Look for such a sophisticated bookshelf. It can also be used as a storage place for all cute things.

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