21 Best Action Movies on Netflix in 2022


Don’t get me wrong — I love quiet indie dramas and cheesy stuff rom-coms As much as the next person. However!There’s nothing like the edge of your seat that gets your pulse into the race on a movie night Action-packed movie..From war epics and westerns Science fiction thriller Robbery flick, Action movie If you’re looking for the best action movies on Netflix’s right TF, across all genres, you’re in the right place. Whether you feel like a movie about assassins, agents, vigilants, villains, spySoldiers, or anything in between, Netflix has it all.

Often find high octane numbers Thriller Working with Netflix is ​​not a difficult part. Go to the Action & Adventure Movies section and you’ll find a lot of booms and movies. The difficult thing is good All classic, reboot and original action movies that Netflix must offer.From full of zombies Army of the dead Encrusted with stars It’s hard for them to fall, Netflix has all the action movies that are really worth watching. ‘Because I know how precious your time is. First, all the best action thrillers to stream now sweat harder than aerobic exercise.

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Army of the dead (2021)

Set in Las Vegas, this wild robbery movie revolves around a group of mercenaries who have decided to take advantage of the turmoil in the zombie outbreak to steal a major casino.



Army of thieves (2021)

And if you love Army of the deadIf so, then you need to see the first part, which took place six years before the original event and follows the safe cracker Ludwick Dieter in the early stages of the zombie outbreak.



Red Notice (2021)

Full Disclosure: Netflix’s Most Popular Movies So farWhen the FBI was trying to catch two rival criminals, what followed the FBI’s top profiler wasn’t exactly a critical darling. But IMO, it’s worth seeing only the cast (especially because there’s a sequel along the way).



It’s hard for them to fall (2021)

With a legitimate ridiculous cast that includes Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, Regina King, Keith Stanfield, and more, this action-packed western discovers that the man who killed his parents has been released from prison. It’s the story of an outlaw who decided to reunite his old gang to seek revenge.



Kate (2021)

What if a trained assassin finds that he can only live 24 hours after being poisoned? She goes through the streets of Tokyo and, of course, performs the epic task of defeating her enemies. That’s what’s happening in this action thriller starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead.



Da 5 Blood (2020)

Directed by Spike Lee and featuring the STELLAR cast, this epic war drama helped four black Vietnam veterans return to Vietnam in search of the remains of a former team leader and he once hid them. We revolve around the wealth of gold.



Triple Frontier (2019)

This cartel thriller is the story of five former US Special Forces soldiers reunited to rob South American drug traffickers of millions of dollars, taking you to the edge of your pitiful seat. Let’s trust.



Hold the dark (2018)

In this thriller, a naturalist is taken to a desolate Alaskan village looking for a wolf suspected of killing three children. After all, the truth is even more scary.



night is coming (2018)

Hello, do you like gussets? Next, you need to check out this Indonesian action movie. In it, members of a small village have all been brutally slaughtered, except for one girl, after stealing from a drug trafficking triad. The assassin who saved her life must face the consequences of his sacrifice when he becomes a new target.



Old guard (2020)

Starring Charlize Theron, this superhero flick tells the story of a 4th-century immortal who works secretly to protect humanity. They find that the secret power was exposed when they discovered another immortal.


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extract (2020)

This criminal flick revolves around the black market mercenary (Chris Hemsworth), who was hired himself to help rescue the abducted son of the imprisoned criminal. Hello Netflix, where is the sequel?



Siege of Judville (2016)

Based on real-life events, this war flick follows Irish Army commander (Jamie Dornan) and his modest battalion of 157 heroically defending outposts during peacekeeping operations in Africa. , I am overwhelmed by the enemy army.



Wheelman (2017)

When a fugitive driver double-crosses in a bank robbery failure, he knows who betrayed him before it’s too late (and often has lots of car chase scenes along the way).



Beasts of No Nation (2015)

Another epic war drama, Beasts of No Nation Follow a boy from West Africa recruited by a group of guerrilla soldiers and trained by a fierce warlord (Idris Elba) after his country entered the civil war.



Spectrum (2016)

Set in the war-torn Moldova, the sci-fi thriller is forced to defeat aliens to save the capital from destruction after U.S. military members discover the existence of ghostly aliens that kill soldiers. I did.


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vault (2021)

Starring Freddie Highmore, this action thriller is centered around Cambridge engineering students who, after learning about the mysterious fortress hidden under the Bank of Spain, decided to team up with a crew of master thieves to break it. It is deployed in.


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Lovers (2020)

Who said that action movies aren’t fun either? Starring Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae, this romantic comedy tells us that a couple on the verge of farewell has been unfairly accused of murder.


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Snowpiercer (2014)

Chris Evans starred in this post-apocalyptic science fiction movie, “Snowball Earth,” on a train carrying the last remaining people on Earth after failing to fight global warming. created. Queue all dramas.


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Hell or high water (2016)

In this Western crime drama, two brothers (Chris Pine and Ben Foster) are trying to carry out a series of bank robbers to save a family ranch … all very crooked like hell. Avoiding the clever Texas Rangers (Jeff Bridges) on stopping them.



Outpost (2020)

Yet another war drama (and also based on a real story), Outpost It tells the story of the Battle of Kamdesh during the war in Afghanistan. It was when a small U.S. military unit was overwhelmed by Taliban fighters in a coordinated attack.


twenty one

revenge (2019)

In this highly underrated action film, a prisoner who was granted a layoff after his mother’s death decided to take this opportunity to take revenge on those who turned him into a murderer. On that list are his Loan Shark brothers.


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