23 Best At-Home Hair Color Brands and Kits of 2022 for a New, Fresh Look — Editor Reviews

Change hair color Comes with many refreshing perks.Whether you want to try highlight Or go for All over color,Today’s The best home hair color kit We’ve stepped up the game in terms of formulas, color choices, and ease of use. Many formulas have or include a conditioner that enhances the brilliance — who doesn’t want it?But the time (and cost) of getting a dye job in the salon can be totaled, especially since then maintenance Needed to maintain a new hue Tip top shape..

Still, there are some things you need to know before you first dive into the world of DIY hair dyes. The first rule of thumb-and solid advice for living-is that you can be fooled by your appearance.Your dream shade may look like you’re staring at you, but our best bet is to flip the package over to see what the formula actually looks like to your hairstyle. It’s a confirmation, the hair stylist explains Andrew Fitz SimmonsWho Kardashian-Jenner family has a speed dial..

“Examine the side or back charts, which show more accurately where the hair color ends, based on the initial hue,” says Fitz Simmons. Iona TodanaThe colorist for Sally Hershberger’s Downtown Salon in New York City agrees: [because] The developers of household permanent dyes are very powerful and more powerful than those used in salons. As a result, the colors will be raised and brighter than what is displayed on the box. “

It can be difficult to find the perfect shade, even with the help of the back of the box. According to Ionato, for household permanent dyes, it’s best to choose a color that’s a little darker than you want because of the powerful developer. But for semi-permanent dyes, the opposite is true. “There are no developers in a semi-permanent formula, which means that the longer you put it on your hair, the darker it gets, so it’s safer to choose a slightly lighter color from the beginning,” she explains.

According to Fitz Simmons, conditioning is another important step you don’t want to miss. “With Deep conditioner The cuticle is sealed at the end of the dyeing process so that the strands do not absorb color. Skipping conditioning makes it darker than expected, “he says.

With care to avoid bleach disasters, we provide the tools you need to nail your home color. here, The best home color kit — Some of them are available at your local drugstore, and many more brands are available with the click of a mouse.

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