25 Famous 2000s Heartthrobs: Then and Now PHOTOS

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The early 2000s was a really miserable time A lot of Ed Hardy T-shirts, Denim having an identity crisis (I never want to see a pair of “bootcut jeans” again), and a wild Tuesday night at CWAKA artist FKA The WB.Really, I wasn’t ready to look emotionally Gilmour Girls, Young supermanWhen One Tree Hill Back-to-back as a teenager — but at least those shows gave 1) 2) mocking on every occasion, 3) all of the above with a pretty decent celebrity “heartbeat”.

If you didn’t notice because One Travis Barker arrives in the news feed, The old one is the new one again. So it’s time to check in all the celebrities who have been certified for Heartslob Status ™. All of these celebrities grew up in TF.Fair Warning: Looks quite different from the cover of the 2004 TV Guide, but in fact, how long was Shane West? true I got him off Remember and walk-Do you know the hair of the times?

Without any more ado Check out what they look like now, in addition to the rambling, 25 famous heartbeats from the 2000s.Come to know what your love interests are from Princess diary Worked together recently and stays for a flashback to a Zac Efron floppy High school musical Bangs of the times — not to mention the photos Gilmour Girls’ Miro Ventimiglia shows off Calvin in a wavy buttonless shirt.

1 50

Corbin Bleu: Well then

For me it’s an Ed Hardy T-shirt.

2 50

Corbin Bleu: Now

In fact, wait, he’s still the cutest ever!

3 50

Shane West: Well then

There are many answers to this in the early 2000s, especially for Mark McGrath-inspired hair.

Four 50

Shane West: Now

To quote Mandy Moore Remember and walk The soundtrack, “So I put my head down and raise my hand to pray,” like Shane West shaving his goatee. 🙏

Five 50

Luke Wilson: Well then

My identity in 2001 was best described as “actively fancy about Luke Wilson.” Legally Blonde.“”

6 50

Luke Wilson: Now

JK, will still die for him.

7 50

Asher: Well then

The definition of a literal dictionary of “heart slobs” encapsulated in a single photo.

8 50

Usher: Now

The pose in the photo is still amazing!

9 50

Chace Crawford: Well then

Nate Archibald> Nate Jacobs Anytime. I will fight you with this !!!

Ten 50

Chace Crawford: Now

This guy will be needed to bring himself and his perfect eyebrows gossip Girl reboot Thank you plz as soon as possible.

11 11 50

Miro Ventimiglia: Well then

No words, just dhsajkdhsajhdksdhksjhdkjshads.

12 50

Miro Ventimiglia: Now

this is us Hive, assemble!

13 50

Chad Michael Murray: Well then

The museum uses this picture to teach children what the former “Abercrombie model” was.

14 50

Chad Michael Murray: Now

Less hair + more clothes = still hot.

15 50

Hayden Christensen: Well then

Please give a presentation: Around Hayden Christensen Seaside house??

16 16 50

Hayden Christensen: Now

Having grown up to be Darth Vader, the man has seen a few things.

17 17 50

Jonathan Bennett: Well then

Today, I wasn’t ready to come across these budget Zac Efron bangs.

19 19 50

Taylor Lautner: Well then

If there was no Team Jacob phaseWhat were you doing too?

20 50

Taylor Lautner: Now

Name someone who can rock the turtleneck well. wait.

twenty one 50

Paul Rudd: Well then

Did anyone say Paul Rudd, also known as Phoebe Buffay’s husband, also known as literally the love of everyone’s life?

twenty two 50

Paul Rudd: Now

There is literally no explanation as to why he looks one year older than 2003.

twenty three 50

John Legend: Well then

The purer soul is not walking on this earth.

twenty four 50

John Legend: Now

Like Paul Rudd, John Legend looks aging on the contrary.

twenty five 50

Enrique Iglesias: Well then

Did you watch the “Hero” music video an average of 1 to 1,000 times a day? Honestly!

26 50

Enrique Iglesias: Now

Oh this? Just Enrique flashed his lower abdomen in 2021.

27 50

Jesse Bradford: Well then

Yes, I chose this photo because his shirt says mayonnaise.

28 28 50

Jesse Bradford: Now

I’m still in love with him, I’m sorry @ my SO

29 50

Zac Efron: Well then

I had to literally stop writing this article to see Zack’s angry dance High School Musical 2.

30 50

Zac Efron: Now

Hi, I would like to report a crime related to the FBI, Mustache.

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