30 Best Comedies on Hulu in 2022


I have something to say documentary Does it make you think Tear Jarker movie It gives you the opportunity to put it all out. But sometimes you just have to laugh. all right!At the end of a long week, you’ll probably want to pop and wear popcorn Sheet maskPour yourself DrinkAnd see Really interesting things.. Good news: Get the best comedy you can stream right now on Hulu.

from Adorable romantic comedy In a filthy movie a lot of Sex jokes, These are some of the most LOL-worthy picks you can find on Hulu.I also included about 2 comedies Figure skatingSo that you can brush up before Winter olympic games.. you’re welcome! But don’t worry, even if it’s not your speed. Trio, exes, Music festival, Spectacular party, Bad dates, social media influencers, endless time loops, and yeah, apocalypse. So basically what you handle every day, Amylite?

Needless to say, we can laugh anytime, anywhere. With that in mind, here are 30 of the best comedies you can stream on Hulu right now.

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Big time puberty

Hello Pete Davidson!! This seijin-shiki comedy follows a teenager spending time with his sister’s ex-boyfriend. They start working together to sell drugs at high school parties, and of course things don’t go as planned.

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Not dramatic, but it’s certainly one of the best comedies in 10 years. Directed by Olivia Wilde, she follows her high school seniors Amy and Molly during the last few days of her school. They spend most of their movies going to graduation parties, encountering hallucinogen strawberries, Murder mystery parties, and the world’s most annoying Lyft rides along the way. Things get worse when they arrive at the party.

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I, Tonya

If you like a little dark comedy, you’ll love this. Margot Robbie will star as Tonya Harding, a world-renowned figure skater believed to have coordinated a brutal attack on rival skater Nancy Kerrigan in 1994. , Her ex-husband, and other was Nominated for all awards and received several more awardsSo it’s definitely worth a look.

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Zoey Deutch plays a charismatic scammer named Peg in this comedy. After she found herself in a little trouble and a lot of debt, she decided to take her own debt.

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Ingrid-Net Stalker

Aubrey Plaza plays Ingrid, a woman who is crazy about Taylor. Elizabeth Olsen.. If you’ve spent your time on social media in the last decade, you’ll laugh at how this satirical film captures a particular type of LA Instagram influencer around 2017 * perfectly *.

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Where are you going, Bernadette

This quirky comedy follows Bernadette, a former Seattle architect who rarely leaves home. A feud with her neighbor and her imminent trip to Antarctica increase her anxiety in Bernadette, and her husband tries to send her to a mental hospital. Bernadette escapes and encounters her once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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pitch perfect

Rebel Wilson is now * cheerful *. Anna Kendrick plays Beca. Becca is drafted by every girl who sings a cappella at her college. It will make you wish you joined the a cappella group of your university, tbh.

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Palm spring

Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti will star in this romantic comedy, playing two characters stuck in “one of the endless timeloop situations you may have heard”. Basically, they wake up every day on the wedding day they are both present. So to speak, let’s say you find an interesting way to spend your time.

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Engaged couples are trying to rejuvenate their relationship by having a threesome. However, it turns out that finding a third party who actually both want to have sex is not so easy.

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Suburban gothic

This funny horror movie follows Raymond, a recent MBA graduate who came back with his parents and realized that their home was plagued by evil spirits. To fight the supernatural, he gets the help of Becca, a local bartender who attended high school.

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11 11


This British comedy follows Nick, a recently abandoned man who decided to attend a major three-day music festival with his best friend Shane. Of course, Nick’s ex-Caitlin is there. If you’ve been to a music festival, you know: things can go crazy.

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Vacation friends

Did you know that you may meet people who enjoy having parties during your vacation and spend time with them in your life? And do they find you when you go home and break a family wedding and generally cause havoc? Well, this is something like that.

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Swing of things

Speaking of wild vacations, this comedy is about a young couple who accidentally booked a wedding / honeymoon at a place that turned out to be a Swinger’s Resort.

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Nice girl like you

Lucy Hale plays a young violinist who has just broke up with her boyfriend. She broke up because she had some … problems with sex, so she decided to overcome them by making a sexual to-do list. Oh, and what do you know, she probably meets a super hot guy who can help. Shocking, I know.

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Act II

Jennifer Lopez starred in this heartwarming comedy as Maya, a successful assistant manager at a retail store. After she was handed over for her promotion because she didn’t have a college degree, Maya Godson just made up her resume and background and she was hired as an executive at a huge cosmetics company. Help. We love to see women succeed!

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16 16

Sweet Home Alabama

one of leaseThe most iconic role of Elle Woods, Ofc) is a fashion designer Melanie who returns to her hometown of Alabama to have her husband sign a divorce notice and marry a new man. But in many cases he doesn’t make things easy.

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17 17


Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds will star in this LOL-worthy comedy as a demanding executive and her tortured assistant. When she faces deportation, she insists that they get married so she can stay in the country. He agrees on some terms and they go to Alaska so she can meet his family. It’s worth seeing only the Betty White dance scene.

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18 18

How to be single

Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson star in this comedy … well, how to get single in New York City. Dakota plays Alice, who has just broke up with her boyfriend, and the rebels play her wild colleague Robin, who teaches her how to have her good time.

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19 19


Well, as an IF … I don’t include this in the comedy list. This movie about a popular high school student who makes friends with her new classmates and gives her a makeover has a seriously stacked cast. Like Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd? Dream team.

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grown ups

You see, sometimes you just need a stupid Adam Sandler movie. grown ups Is about a childhood friend who reunites with his family on the weekend of July 4th. As expected, shenanigans follow.

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twenty one

Adult 2

Would you like to make a double stand? Adult 2 Lenny (Adam Sandler) picks up his family after returning his family to his hometown where his companions still live. As he and his family calm down, he finds nothing different, whether it’s school bullying or a strange bus driver.

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twenty two

dead Pool

Ryan Reynolds has given us the weirdest superheroes of all time as a wise vigilant, Deadpool. This movie is all about how civilian Wade Wilson became a deadpool and his quest to track down the villains who made him him.

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twenty three

This is the end

Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Rihanna, Emma Watson, and millions of other celebrities play in this movie about a party that will be interrupted when an apocalypse occurs in LA. I’m out.

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twenty four


Seth MacFarlane speaks out in this movie about a teddy bear who has a bad mouth about a stuffed animal that has come back to life. Mark Wahlberg plays John, a child who wants him to live his life (in his occasional regret).

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twenty five

40-year-old virgin man

If you’ve never been to this movie, wyd ?? Steve Carell plays a sweet guy named Andy, who is 40 years old even if he has never had sex. When his colleagues find them, they have a mission to help put him to sleep. It’s somehow filthy and sweet.

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Blade of glory

Who cares about the Olympics when they get this perfect figure skating movie? When Chaz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy Mezelroy (Jon Heder) team up for pair skating, there is no limit to what they can do. Please wait until the Iron Lotus scene.

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Go to Barb & Star Vista del Mar

I would like to pay tribute to you if you can say the title of this movie 5 times faster without tripping. Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig’s star (Get !!!) travel to Florida on vacation and are two of the Midwest’s best friends involved in a malicious plan to unknowingly release deadly mosquitoes. am.

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28 28

Hello, my name is Doris

Sally Field will star as Doris.Doris is an eccentric woman in her 60s who falls in love with her new colleague (Max Greenfield, also known as Schmidt). New woman!! ). With the help of her self-help tape and social media, she decided to chase him.

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Young adult

This ironic comedy follows the recently divorced writer Mavis. Mavis returns to her little hometown and she happens to rekindle her romance with her ex-boyfriend, who just married her baby. There is no spoiler, but it works as expected.

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Date night

Comedy tycoons Steve Carell and Tina Fey played a calm couple, who mistaken themselves for criminals and chased New York City. It’s a date night they won’t forget soon.

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