41 Most Expensive Beanie Babies of 2022

A very important and urgent question for you: Where is Beanie Babies? That’s because those small, less luxurious plastic bean-filled animal stuff you had in the 90’s are now worth a lot of horrifying money.your parents And yours GrandparentsPeople, this is not a drill!

But before we move on to the hot topic of the value of Beanie Babies, there are pitfalls. v Specific Beanies actually collect a lot of money. I’m sorry, I should probably have started from that, but it’s not that exciting. Many of the super-expensive beanies you come across on eBay and other resale sites are priced based on bids rather than value.However, if the beanie is in the ~ original ~ state When You can prove their rarity (like a particular color combo if it was made for a special historical moment, or if it’s a limited edition), you’re definitely how many You can earn serious cash.

Still not sure?In addition to it Super Comprehensive Pricing GuideBefore selling the collection, you can get real advice from Beanie Babies experts via Facebook group or Reddit thread. Fortunately for you, I’m giving you a small lucrative start. After going deep into eBay, which I didn’t know existed until recently, I found 41 Beanie Babies that could spike your net worth (gentlely, but nevertheless). Tell me what you are doing with that money! *

* The correct answer is shared.

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This adorable thing

Baby monkey bongo

Remove the new Baby Bongo and Monkey Beanie Baby from the storage location. You can get $ 2,220 as soon as possible.

Hello to this 1998 angel’s dreamy price tag. Dust her and try to make her her new owner. It will be worth it, I promise!

The fact that a 27-year-old plush toy can make you almost $ 3,000 is just strange. But hey! Other people’s garbage is another person’s treasure, isn’t it?


This Cocker Spaniel


It’s hard to let go of this darling dog go, but think of its amazing $ 1,600 cash out …


This furry sea creature

Otter seaweed

Thanks to my friend’s seaweed, I can swim the dough. So $ 7,000? !! I have no words.


This pitch black thing

End bear

The bear was released when the company Ty first decided to stop production. Wow, I guess there’s a happy ending when they’re worth $ 2,000.


This peaceful thing

Peace bear

Legend has it Each piece bear has a completely unique tie-dye pattern. Will it still bring me an extra $ 600? Why, yes, yes, it will be.


This sneaky thing

Sly fox

This is not the original version of the toy (in previous versions) Brown Not the belly, White 1), it still makes you some banks!


This traditional thing

Signature bear

You don’t think This simple lilthang is very costly at first glance. But it’s the look of a classic teddy bear that makes it money and the details of a lovely stitched heart.


This green one

McDonald’s Erin Bear

Who would have thought that those old Beanie Baby McDonald’s toys would one day be so useful? If you still have a small green Erin Bear lying from an old Happy Meal, it’s a good idea to sell it like an RTFN.

11 11

This unusual thing

Platypus Patty

Don’t ask me why this (adorable) pink platypus is worth $ 7,000, as you literally don’t know. But hey, get it! your! money!


This royal thing

Princess bear

The 1997 bear dedicated to Princess Diana is not as rare as people say (judging from a list of hundreds of eBays). But it’s definitely the most valuable. So, the Holy Spirit above, this person is likely to be richer than anyone I know of IRL.


This star is studded

McDonald’s glorious bear

Another McDonald’s exclusive product from the late 90’s, you can put an extra $ 4,000 in your pocket. Are you sensing the pattern here? Don’t throw anything away!


One of this big beak


If Scoop also has a blank tag, you’ll be in a cash-filled esophagus.


This friendly bull


Do you think this is a bull? I’m not sure, but if you have it and it’s slightly incomplete (this means it was one of the first of its kind!), Your future I know that there are quite a few direct deposits.

This particular beb was distributed in sports games as a rill gift for fans! With that historical information in mind, you can already assume its value.Let me tell you: Curly makes you rich..

17 17

This rounded eye


A new goal in life: Try to be a little more like pitch black. In other words, look at that smile!

18 18

This innocent aquatic creature


At this point, call your parents and hope that everything has been as good as new since you were a child. This walrus? $ 1,200! Are you looking at this?

19 19

One of this celebration

Millennium bear

This bear was created to celebrate the beginning of the new Millennium (Y2K, Baby!) In 1999. Not very valuable if it’s okay, but is there a tag error? You can expect about $ 1,800.


This love love thing

Valentina Bear

Both Valentino and Valentina Beanies are more than just saving my life.

twenty one

This Lil Stinker


Apparently it’s all the mistakes in the tag that make this skunk so valuable, but I think the name “Stinky” does enough work to market it.

Rover often gets old. The older you get, the higher the price!

twenty three

This patriotic thing


If I had so much money somewhere, I would probably bombard it for this little one just for that name.

twenty four

Wanderer of this sea


Credited as Lips the Fish on one tag and Tiny the Chihuahua on another. Perhaps what makes this beanie so valuable is the crisis of identity.

twenty five

This eccentric thing

Mallard Jake

I know. Jake seems too cute to give. Oh, for reference, he’s worth $ 3,700. Your choice!


This rugged thing

Crab crab

Seafood has always had a reputation for being on the more expensive side. So it’s no wonder that these tie-dye crustaceans cost a lot of money.


This wild thing

Bear blackie

Do you have a Cubby Bear? Sell ​​them together and raise your price.

28 28

These red roosters

Struts and baby struts

Do you know what I mean? This Big Sis / Little Sis duo can easily cover months of rent.


This Lil One

Bear maple

Maple, say hello to your friends. They can pay for the designer’s wallet that you were paying attention to.


What looks like this Nemo

Goldfish Goldfish

* Cue Fergie’s Voice * Hit it, Goldie!


This colorful thing

2K bear

If this colorful Lil guy is stuffed somewhere in the attic, do it. Please do not walk.


This sweet puppy

Baby bones

Baby bones have a long history. Born in 1994, he became a member of McDonald’s Beanie Babies clan in 1998 and is gaining popularity! So Prob means it’s more valuable than the VIP Coachella Ticket, LOL.

33 33

This sweet ladybugs

Lucky ladybugs

Don’t underestimate this munchkin! She is worth Mula.


One of this pristine


The unusual white star on the tag obviously gives this Sparky a specific je ne saisquoi worth 7 digits. Sellers also say it’s “museum quality” … whatever it means!


This fascinating trio

Large Beijing, Fortune, China

The fact that they can sell for $ 98,000 is all that is really wrong and right in this world.


One of this striped money bag

Whisk fish

Is there a name that is cuter than a bubble? not exist. Is there anything more cute than this guy earning on eBay or nearly $ 90,000 for a retired stuffed fish? not exist.

37 37

These wolves on wall street

Hippity, Hoppity, and Floppity

This bunny trio costs about a year of college video As for how to evaluate your Hippity, I’m sure it will be completely (probably?) Useful if you look at it.


This irony

Hope bear

Enjoy this live reenactment of me listing old Beanie Babies on eBay.

39 39

This British lover

Bear Britannia

God saves Queen Bear etc.


This basic autumn queen


Instead of a turkey dinner, sell gobles, book a lovely beach vacation and have a happy Thanksgiving.

41 41

This is really confusing


American My dream is to sell this guy for a fortune and go shopping.

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