42 Sexiest Music Videos of All Time

Sexy is subjective, but sometimes it’s undeniable that something is hot enough to drop your chin, curl your toes, or tie your tongue. Example: Harry Styles performance on a green feather scarf at the 2021 Grammy Awards.Kim Kardashian’s Internet Breaking 2014 Cover paper.. Beyonce, literally always.And your opinion is Hottest music The video may not be the same as that of others, it is undeniable that a particular video is just 🔥. From sultry and sultry to straight NSFW, the sexiest music videos ever make you feel a certain way you can trust, no matter what you’re interested in.

Sweat like a movie TV sex sceneThat’s all I see hot people wearing it: hot.. But music videos don’t necessarily have to cover sex, and obviously don’t have to be sexual. Turn on you.. Provocative choreography and scandalous outfits can make you feel as naughty as nudity. If you need proof, we have a video. Some of these visuals are very hot and have age restrictions. Make sure you diff and keep your privacy before you play. From Cardi B to Enrique Iglesias to Ariana Grande, your favorite artists have provided seriously spicy videos for years, and these 42 videos are the hottest music videos ever. These videos are 100% sweaty, so don’t forget to hydrate.


“Fitness” by Lizzo

Lizzo is a sex-positive queen, so it’s no wonder her “Fitness” videos are aggressively sensual. She buys Brb, an all-leather outfit and some pole dance lessons.


Harry Styles “Light Up”

If you’ve ever wanted to sweat with Harry Styles and take part in a shirtless, psychedelic orgy, watching the “Light Up” video is the next best thing.


Cardi B feat.”WAP” by Megan Thee Stallion

How can I make a sexy music video summary and not include “WAP”? Lots of squirting statues, scandalous outfits, and sexy cameos. Needless to say, it’s a very enjoyable celebration of female sensuality.


The Pussycat Dolls “React”

Almost everything the Pussycat Dolls touch turns into sexy gold, but the React video proves they’re still the worst women 15 years after their debut album was released. ..


Doja Cat’s “Woman”

Starring Teyana Taylor (People you may know Kanye West’s “Fade” Video), This visual masterpiece is like a very sexy version Dunes Meet Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”, it’s just a * chef’s kiss *.


Katy Perry feat.Snoop dogg

In many cases, “California Girls” needed to make this list. More than a decade later, people are still recovering from Katy Perry’s striking whipped cream bras.


“Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

Speaking of sparks flying! Sean and Camilla may be over, but their 🔥 match on “Señorita” has given fans forever one of the sexiest music videos ever.


Miley Cyrus’s “Adore You”

If you think Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video is a scandy, wait until you see this ~ stripped ~ masterpiece, very intimate and personal with pop stars.


Fifth Harmony feat.Ty Dolla $ ign

This incredibly sexy video full of gals with shorts and sledgehammers is over 2.5 billion (yes) a billionB) Long-standing view for reasons: It’s HOT.


Sunmi’s “tail”

K-POP vocalist and former Wonder Girls member Sunmi is a rising star, and her “tail” Catwoman-style video proves why.

11 11

Kanye West’s “Bound 2”

Hi, do you remember when Kanye had sex with Kim K on his bike in his “Bound 2” music video?They were a happy day


Chloe’s “Have Mercy”

Inspired by a teenage movie from the 90’s, Chloe plays a sorority girl inspired by a sexy Medusa in this wiiiild video of her debut single.


Hayley Kiyoko’s “Curious”

What happens when you meet her new BF and your ex GF at a house party and just realize that you still have emotions?Things get really hot and humid Genuine Fast, and that’s exactly what Haley’s video for “Curious” is down.


Enrique Iglesias feat.Bad bunny

Enrique has always ignited his music video, but his video of “El Banyo” (also featuring the v sexy Bad Bunny) is a whole different level of sexyness. Just wait for the bathtub scene.


Britney Spears’ Womanizer

This legendary video of 2009 has a legitimate DOZENS at the moment of “Wowza”, which is a very naked Britney scene in a steam room that will really sweat you.

16 16

Troye Sivan’s “Angel Baby”

If you are more interested in being sensual and sensual than blatantly sexual, you need to give the “Angel Baby” a watch. In a gorgeous movie video, Troye uses some of her shirtless gals to heat her screen and make her appetizingly soft.

17 17

“Love Sex Magic”, Ciara feat.Justin Timberlake

Not only is the song still quite exciting after more than a decade, Ciara and JT also provided the sexy AF music video that accompanies it.

18 18

Beyonce’s “Partition”

Without Queanbeyan, it wouldn’t be a sexy video summary. It’s hard to choose just one, but nothing beats the heat of a “partition”.

19 19

Jennifer Lopez feat.Iggy Azalea

If you like twerking, tight leotards, and lots of booties, J.Lo and Iggy’s “Booty” music video is definitely a must-see.


Big Sean feat. Jhené Aiko and Ty Dolla $ ign

A real-life couple, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko, are completely SIZZLE in a sensual video of “Body Language” that acts as a sexy nod to the classic romantic comedy of the 90’s.

twenty one

“Montero (Call me by your name)” by Lil Nas X

It’s not as hot as riding a stripper pole to hell and lap dancing to Satan.

twenty two

Rihanna’s “Pour It Up”

And while working on the topic of pole dancing, can you talk about Rihanna’s epic dance moves and jeweled bikinis in her “Pour It Up” video?

twenty three

Kim Petras’s “ice”

Inspired by the iconic Britney Spears, Kim Petrus’ “Icy” music video can make a sparkling ice bath look like the hottest thing ever. Her power!

twenty four

Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”

With over a billion views on YouTube, it’s clear that you won’t get enough of this memorable video. This video ignited the internet when it was first released in 2014.

twenty five

Years & Years “Crave”

In addition to being a stunning, different-world celebration of everything weird, the video of Years & Years singer Olly Alexander for “Crave” is just …Wow.. You will never see the nine tails of the cat whip again.


Tinashe’s “Bouncen”

The sexy visuals of “Bouncin” literally take the title with lots of trampolines, balance beams, twerking, and (as always expected from Tinashe) absolutely fire Coleo.


Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer”

Raise your hand if the 2015 Cool for the Summer Demi’s scorching video isn’t over yet. 🙋

28 28

Kelly Rowland feat.Lil Wayne

Oldies but Goodies’ Motivation videos show that Kelly participates in what looks like an abandoned warehouse orgy inhabited only by sexy people.


Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself”

Timeless Bop with visually stunning (and undeniably sexy) video — Serena, what have we done to deserve you?


“You must be sad” Halsey

The only line dance night we’ve ever wanted to attend: what happens at the sexy underground country western nightclub in Halsey’s “You should be sad” video.


Shakira’s “She Wolf”

Another throwback that will last forever in the Sexy Video Hall of Fame, Shakira’s “Sea Wolf” video is a fascinating trip that everyone needs to take at least once.


“Trading Place” by Asher

All songs about a woman claiming domination in the bedroom in a video showing it? Yes, pls, asher.

33 33

“Cellophane” by FKA Twigs

The visuals of FKA Twigs’ Cellophane (which many fans consider to be the inspiration for Lil Nas X’s Montero video) are sensual and stunning art to be displayed in a nifty museum. It’s a work and that’s all we have to say.


“Bitter”, FLETCHER feat.Kito and Trevor Daniel

If you haven’t heard of FLETCHER yet, it’s only a matter of time. This moody and sex-filled video is a perfect introduction.


SZA feat.”Love Galore” by Travis Scott

It could have been done without the scary grandmother at the end of this video, but otherwise, “Love Galois” is a totally sexy shock that made Kylie feel jealous.


Ariana Grande feat.Nicki Minaj

Yet another sexy video with over a billion views (about 2 billion to be exact), “Side to Side,” has returned sexy to indoor cycling alone.

37 37

“Wild Side”, Normani feat. Cardi B

Name the duo hotter than Normani and Cardi B in the “Wildside” video. We look forward to.


Fergie’s “MILF $”

This is just: Mom can be Hot Mom, and Fergie is very well known for this video in this Joe Dropper (including all the hot moms’ legitimate cameos in Hollywood).

39 39

Nick Jonas’s “Under You”

Nick dropped this fire video before returning with his brother. This shows that he and Shay Mitchell are hot and heavy in the shower. in addition!


Ashnikko feat.”Slumber Party” by Princess Nokia

This video is so sexy that it has an age limit. Given that none of the other videos hit my wrist, it really tells me something.The whole is sexy and feels like a queer Alice in Wonderland Perhaps look at it, as it includes a fever dream and a scene where Ashnikko swings a rabbit vibrator in the air.

41 41

“I’m not myself tonight” by Christina Aguilera

Another one that is almost too sexy for Aaa and YouTube to handle. Christina has had a lot of ~ dirty ~ moments over the years, but this video is really different.


Kylie Minogue’s “Exercise”

Another age-restricted video, too good to include. A very erotic visual of Queen Kylie of “Sexercise”. Exercise balls have never looked so good.

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