50 Best Romantic Movies of All Time

now Valentine’s day When you’re done, you may feel like continuing ~ love ~. So why not watch some movies about it? They can certainly be a little cheesy at times, but that’s part of the reason we love them so much. Whether you’re in a happy relationship or not, these movies will make you believe that love is real-and isn’t that what we all need from time to time? There is no such thing as a perfect love story (even in a movie), but what is told in these movies is pretty close.



The film follows a black man throughout his childhood and adult life working to understand (and find love) his sexual identity.

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“Lovers Rock”

I’m not going to spoil all the great work this movie does, but the best way to explain it is the absolute atmosphere. I have the feeling that “I just met at a party and it may be the love of life.”

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‘Dirty Dancing’

“I … had time for my liiiiiife, and I owe it all to youuuuUUuu.”

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“Crazy Rich Asians”

This movie is not only a romance, but an absolute feast for the eyes to use the phrases of film critics. clothes! place! It can’t be cleaner anymore.

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‘West Side Story’

2021 remake West side story It’s very good, but I have something to say about the original, so I’ve listed it instead.

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The opening sequence of this movie makes you sob openly, and then it’s really, really fun. I’m just trying to make my wife’s lifelong dream come true !!

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“Cherbourg rain umbrella”

If you like La La Land (This may or may not appear later in this list), it owes much to this movie. It’s as if you’ve already seen the 2.0 Emma Stone / Ryan Gosling version, you’ll definitely see the 1.0 version.

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“Sylvie’s love affair”

Oh yeah, “The lost flames reignite years later and you realize they’re still with each other” movie.

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This movie was invented with the phrase “I endured the trials of time.” If you don’t know where the lines “I’m looking at you here, kids” and “We always have Paris” came from, you need to see them as soon as possible.

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“Flower-like year flower”

In other words, love is put in the title. This story is after two people renting a room in the same house discover that their spouse is having an affair. But will they do the same?

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11 11

“She is a man”

This is not only an iconic Amanda Bynes performance, but also based on Shakespeare, which is romantic as a whole!

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Two words: Issa Rae. She and LaKeith Stanfield are romantically involved when organizing the grief surrounding her mother’s death.

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“Cases to remember”

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr did the same in this classic romance before Chuck and Blair made the infamous promise to meet at the Empire State Building.

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‘Last holiday’

Besides the romance here, it’s incredibly fun to see Queen Latifah go to Europe and ball out the TF.

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16 16

“Portrait of a Lady on Fire”

This is another article on Kanon’s work of the lesbian era, a tortured lover whose two protagonists can’t be together but want to be desperate, and it’s very very good.

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17 17

“Emma” (2020)

This movie basically contains all the famous young British actors and actresses, and in Johnny Flynn’s final scene … ruining it for those who haven’t read a book on AP Lit. I’m not going to, but it’s very, very plunging.

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18 18

“When Harry Met Lovers”

This is one of the classics where two people who are clearly attracted to each other try to stay as just friends. The fake orgasm scene is just a cherry blossom.

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19 19

“Moon Track”

All you need to do to market you about the romance of this movie is the word CHER.

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“Roman Holiday”

This may have been the first feature film to “a member of the royal family pretends to be normal and escapes duties.” Basically, a blueprint for Megan Markle and Prince Harry.

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twenty one

“Good times”

Tim’s father says on his 21st birthday that family men can travel back in time. At first, Tim used this ability to make himself a girlfriend, but as his life progressed, he realized that time travel wasn’t the answer to all his problems.

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twenty two

“Little Woman”

Indeed, it can be argued that this is a movie about the family. But seeing Timothée Chalamet professing her love for Saoir’s Ronan by the side of her hill, claiming that she can be considered a romance without a round trip. You can also.

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twenty three

“Sleep with other people”

Now, this rom-com is criminally underestimated. Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis have two consecutive dates, trying to stay with Platonic friends for years from a one-night stand. Focus on “try”.

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twenty four

“Step up”

Oh this? A movie where Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan met? With the final dance number, you certainly tried to learn, but did you fail? absolutely.

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twenty five

“A Star Is Born” (2018)

Yes, the second hour of this movie is very sad, but what about the first hour? Where is Lady Gaga just falling in love? It’s romance, baby.

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“Pride and Prejudice” (2005)

Before Matthew Macfady stabs Shiv from behind Inheritance (IYKYK), he was heartbroken as Mr. Darcy. This adaptation of the beloved novel will captivate you, your body and your soul. (get it?)

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‘Love Rosie’

Before she was in Paris, Lily Collins played the single mother Rosie. Rosie doesn’t seem to be able to time with her best friend Sam Claflin’s Alex. You need to make sure they understand it all.

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28 28

‘One day’

Get ready to cry for two hours to see one of the most tragic love stories of our time, centered around Anne Hathaway. This will tear you, but it’s worth it.

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Rachel McAdams gets involved in an accident and forgets AllAs if anyone could forget that even her husband, Channing Tatum, was married to Channing Tatum. But the point is that he kept trying to make her fall in love with him, even when she forgot him. Hmmm.

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‘Time Traveler’s Wife’

Another Rachel McAdams Classic to add to the list. This time she’s in love with a real time traveler and isn’t as cool as she thinks. Can their love endure?

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Were you surprised? Rachel McAdams Film Festival continues! It is no exaggeration to say that Nicholas Sparks is almost the * king of romance *. Almost all of his novels will be movies, notebook His most famous adaptation. That scene where Noah and Allie make up in the rain? !! ?? !! hot.

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33 33

“10 things I hate about you”

UGH. Heath Ledger, who serenades Julia Stiles on “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” is one of the greatest scenes in movie history. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look right away.

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“How to lose a man well in 10 days”

Because Matthew McConaughey. Need more to say? All right: Kate Hudson too!

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37 37

“Crazy, stupid, love”

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are not too many. Also Steve Carell. Said enough.

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“Love Actually”

Romance movies of all romance movies. This is a must-see, regardless of age.

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39 39

“PS I Love You”

For some reason, many great romance movies involve someone dying.I’m very masochistic when asked, but I haven’t decided the rules !! At least PS I Love You, You know from the beginning.So don’t worry — it’s not that too I’m depressed.

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‘Last song’

When Liam and Miley were still Liam and Miley (* sob *). This will bring you back to better days.

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41 41

“Love & Basketball”

“I play you — one game, one-on-one.”

“For what?”

“Your heart.”

The exchange may sound cheap, but if you’ve ever seen it Love & basketballyou know That is the moment when everyone begins to shed tears. Quincy and Monica grow together as a basketball-loving BFF. But on a journey to achieve their career dreams, they will fall in love.

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‘You’ve got mail’

This is a kind of underestimated, personal opinion. But seriously, give it a watch. Don’t be disappointed. PS: Is this the mechanism of online dating before the dating app appeared?

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“Because of our stars”

Do two teenagers with cancer fall in love deeply and crazy? Sure John Green, fuck us all the time!

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“Call me by your name”

If you absolutely want to feel destroyed, this is a movie for you! The Italian setting and soundtrack are very wacky and beautiful, and Erio (Internet bae Timothee Chalamet) And Oliver (Army Hammer-I-their thighs.) The movie completely encapsulates the passion and pain of first love, the last scene is just Destroy you..

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45 45

‘Moulin rouge! ‘

Moulin rouge! The most spectacular love song mashup ever, “Elephant Love Medley, “And for that, we need to be grateful forever, but the movie behind the song is just as legendary. It’s a sexy, wacky, uh, kind of touching TBH. If the plot alone isn’t enough to make you, Ewan McGregor’s beautiful voice will surely shed tears.

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‘Notting Hill’

“I’m just a girl, standing in front of the boy and asking the boy to love her.” DAMMIT JULIA ROBERTS, I’m crying again. Hugh Grant may be a little crazy in this movie, but his beautiful face and completely messy hair will allow you to make his mistakes. British, Amyrite?

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47 47

“I before you”

Oh, I’m legally crying just thinking about this movie. I won’t ruin anything for you, but it’s a good idea to keep a box of tissue within reach.Also, it’s unfair what Sam Claflin’s face looks like. That Always good.

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“Walk to Remember”

Yet another adaptation of the Sparks Classic, Walk to Remember Sometimes it’s pretty cheap, but it’s also very cute and adorable.

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‘Brokeback Mountain’

“I wish I knew how to quit you”

Those words became world famous after the release of Brokeback Mountain.. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger are so good at this movie that I even forgot that Anne Hathaway was there, but nevertheless, their performances are all * chef kisses *.

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“If you can talk about Beale Street”

If you want the good old ugly cry If Beale Street can speak Do the trick. Following James Baldwin’s novel, Tissue and Fony have to navigate their relationship (and the fate of their future child) while sitting in jail for a crime that Fony hasn’t committed. increase. NGL, it’s sad like hell, but everything about this movie is just beautiful.

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