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To be honest with me Protective but cute phone case It’s a kind of struggle, most of the time I always hang up. If this seems relevant, raise your hand. Buy the cutest and trendiest phone cases that all your friends are jealous of, then drop once. Case-And maybe the phone itself—It will crack immediately. And this cycle is repeated millions of times. Now you are miserable, and you have a cracked phone and lots of broken cases.

The good news is that there are better cases out there, thank you, bc I was tired of buying a bulky black case. Nowadays, brands know that you want your devices to look ~ chic ~ while keeping them safe, so even the most rugged cases are switching their designs. We have something for everyone: a clear case to show off your tech, an ultra-thin case that basically looks like an extension of your phone, and a clean (but durable) ) Pick, bc Sometimes you just want your phone to look beautiful, k?

I scrutinized Interweb and found the best case to fit your clothes, protect your phone, get you all the compliments and not ruin the most expensive ones you own (Except for them Purchasing luxury goods You bought it yourself, uh). Reviewers absolutely “love” these brands and the cases they make. They are gorgeous, valuable, durable, or all of the above. Queue: Lots of compliments.

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This delicate floral case

Rifle Paper Co., Ltd. Wildflower Case

In addition to being absolutely a canyon (Rifle Paper has a lot of cute phone case designs), reviewers say it’s surprisingly durable against the price. Also, the design remains “even with regular disinfection” (relevant!).


This pretty eco-friendly case

In the case of seashell expression

The Pella case is environmentally friendly, fully compostable and part of 1% of Planet’s pledge, but more durable than expected. Reviewers of this are usually repeaters who understand how “smooth and soft” the case is.


This durable yet stylish pink case

Commuter series case

OtterBox is basically the If you don’t want to hurt your smartphone again, you’ll have to buy it, but it can be bulky. However, the case of this pink commuter series is quite trimmed and will never break your phone again. Literally: One reviewer ran it in the car, and the phone was ok (!). If it’s not a testimony of an oath, check what it is!


This shiny ultra-thin case

Slim fit case

If you’re a * minimal case * little person, don’t worry. This case looks like nothing, but it seems that the raised lips protect the screen. It’s not as smooth as it looks, so he says, “I don’t want to slip off my hand.”


This clear high quality case

clear case

Scratch-resistant coatings are very important here, as many clear cases are easily scratched. You can use MagSafe or wireless chargers without any problems (you need to be careful with other chargers). Note: Reviewers say it’s slippery, but it’s an Apple product, so the quality is high.


This colorful yet durable case

Impact case

CASETiFY is not only durable and environmentally friendly, but also has a DEFENSiFY coating that removes 99% of bacteria (performance of addiction). It’s also slim and chic, and reviewers say they’re confident that their phone is safe.


This shiny, shimmering case

Mother of pearl case

Not only does this look like a nacre stone in a canyon, So It is much more durable thanks to the impact resistant bumper. So you can drop it (again and again) and still “the moment you protect your phone with those” oh no! “. It is also made of antibacterial material.


This pretty, minimal case

White mud african pattern case

If you’re feeling minimalism but want a little * oops *, this is your dream. The solid back and flexible sides provide ample protection. The color of your phone is just a peek from the side: Bringy, but subtle!


This cheeky peach case

Just a pink phone case

So … we love your phone too !! This case has a subtle sexy atmosphere (it’s a peach emoji, get it??) But it’s also a polycarbonate snap case that keeps your phone snug and super cute.

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