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Surprise — Christmas is just around the corner. If you haven’t finished gift shopping yet, you’re out of options.Not even you Amazon Prime Membership can help you now. trust me. I searched Amazon’s page looking for gift ideas that arrived before Christmas. They all disappeared a few days ago. (By the way, did anyone except me realize that Amazon Prime’s two-day delivery is no longer an issue ??!)

At this point, you need to step into the store to finish shopping for gifts. You can do it the old-fashioned way. Drive to local targets, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and more, wander the aisles for hours, looking for the bare minimum of acceptable gifts on the shelves of a sparsely populated store.

It doesn’t sound interesting.

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In my opinion, a more efficient option is to buy online and receive it over the counter (aka BOPIS). Don’t get me wrong — you’ll still spend a lot of time looking for available products. With the global shipping crisis and everything, it’s a slim choice there. But at least you can have a light meal nearby and shop at the last minute for the comfort of your home.

Here is a list of shops where BOPIS can be done (yes, I used that acronym as a verb …). Buying online and receiving it over the counter may be your last chance to save your face with this year’s donors.

Buy online pickups at stores on the same day at these 9 retail stores

1. Walmart

Buy Walmart at the last minute Beauty gift setApparel, accessories.

check Or the Walmart app for available pickup times. Wal-Mart also offers express delivery within 2 hours if ordered by 1 pm on December 24th.

2. Target

Target has books, movies, a discreet apparel collection, and small kitchen appliances that you can buy online and buy over the counter.You can also find cosmetology related stocking stuffing like ManicureExfoliating, body scrub.

You can schedule to receive your order at the store from For curbside delivery, use the target app.

3. Bed, bath & beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond offers a 20% discount on all in-store purchases. Even better, your order should be ready for pickup within an hour.

Used Bed Bath & Beyond’s BOPIS Last week it was very easy. They notified me by text message when the order was ready and carried my item to the car when I arrived.

4. Walgreens

Order online from Walgreens And you can pick up your product as fast as 30 minutes. Walgreens’ extensive cosmetology collection has some great gifts. No one wants to open the toilet paper.

you can Buy walgreens online Or with the Walgreens app. You will be notified when your order is ready and can be picked up at the store, drive-through, or curbside if available.

5. DSW

You probably don’t want to buy shoes as a gift, I have some nice accessories. Use code INNOUT until December 24th to get 15% off curbside and store pickup orders.

DSW will prepare most BOPIS orders within 2 hours.

6. Old Navy

OldNavy.comAs with DSW, we promise that your order will be ready within 2 hours.

You already know that Old Navy has a huge selection Fashion basics — Sweatshirts, T-shirts, leggings, etc. — You can make fun gifts. Also, gender-neutral selection, pajamas, slipper..

7. Coles

A woman wearing an olive green twisted dress.

Solid Twist Dress-19 $ Plus Shipping Buy Bernie..

You can probably find gifts for a few friends The Department store There are jewelry, clothing, accessories, beauty items and home decor.

Your order will be ready within 2 hours. You can also choose from contactless drive-up services or store pick-up.

8. Sephora

When in doubt, cosmetology gifts fit the bill for style-oriented women in your life. In addition, you can earn or redeem Sephora loyalty rewards in the process. We will process your BOPIS order within 4 hours. Most locations offer curbside service and in-store pick-up.

9. Ulta

Ulta is slightly faster than Sephora.use If you place your order by 6 pm, your online purchase and in-store pick-up orders should be ready to be picked up within 2 hours. Please note that over-the-counter pick-up is not available at Ulta on December 25th.

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