A Female VP: What’s Ambition Got To Do With It?

It’s the convention season. In short, it’s almost time for Joe Biden to appoint Vice President’s Running Mate.Since its announcement VP will be a woman, Various names come to mind, each with its own selling point.: Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Tammy Baldwin, Stacey Abrams, Susan Rice – The list is growing.

As the names soared, so did the commentary. Analyzed, scrutinized, and endlessly discussed In this less modern Cinderella story. Who will be given the glass slippers and rose garden? So far, only the charming Prince Joe knows. Women can still make the second best effort in 2020, just four years after the defeat of Hillary Clinton’s electoral college, especially given the surge in women in public office since the last election. Is sad.

today, 127 women serve in parliamentMore than ever, but still less than a quarter of all representatives. The tendency to parade and despise women is at least as old as the ancient Greeks, if not as old as the times. The story of the Trojan War Judgment of ParisThe less impressive shepherd had the task of assigning a golden apple to one of the three goddesses. Hella promised him power, Athena’s wisdom, and Aphrodite possession of Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris chose sex, and so to speak, the rest is history: men can choose among women who are stronger than them, hoping that their choice will immediately empower them.

And it goes: Biden’s allies are said to have already launched a secret campaign against Kamala HarrisI can’t lose her weight this time, suspecting she’s “too ambitious” for the 2024 presidential office. But why shouldn’t she? Biden is 77 years old, which means he is likely to become the first president by age alone. If not, isn’t there a Vice President, or one day she, who isn’t looking at the next Lang?am Women’s ambitions It’s frowning, Women who are seen to occupy more rooms than they guarantee.

How can I break this story? Hillary Clinton tried to be more prepared, more friendly and more experienced, Her fellow Caucasian female voters. What can women do to get out of their pre-assigned roles, get off the pedestal, and tinker in the same areas where political progress is actually taking place? As a female voter, this is what I want.Whoever Biden ultimately chooses-and we each have our favorites-I get a ticket True partnershipAnd the elected vice president is the next ambitious outlook when she is a presumptive candidate and the party has four years to prepare. The inevitable waves of misogyny.

But more than that, through the election of VPs, the appointment of the Cabinet, leadership positions, and legislative priorities, this presidency has become a public education exercise, and the outlook for the first female president is inevitable for all women. We hope to result in a targeted and long-term delinquency. Achieved. To do this, the Biden Campaign and the White House need to work to make women’s issues central to the experience of all citizens, regardless of gender.

Reproductive rights, maternity leave, prenatal care, childcare, workplace discrimination, wage inequality, sexual harassment, rape culture, achievement of education – all of which affect us all, even if they affect our bodies. Is a problem to give. Only half of the population. Taking them as “women’s problems” not only distorts reality, but also ignores women’s significant contributions to the structure of society as mothers, nurses, teachers, social workers, CEOS, lawyers, soldiers, or doctors. To do.

Biden is on track: His $ 775 billion plan to fund Universal Child Care and Elder Care is an ambitious start, and if the COVID-19 pandemic showed us anything, it would be in this country. Economic recovery begins and ends with long-term care obligations, And the people who carry them, mainly women of color. However, there is still much work to be done. Putting a woman in a VP slot is a good start, but it’s time for Prince Charming to change the selection process head-on to really change the story: not what a woman can do for you, but you Ask what you can do for women.

Ayelet Haimson Lushkov is an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin and a public voice fellow for the editorial project.

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Written by Fem Society

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