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Amazon Freevee’s ‘Jury Duty’ cast: James Marsden, more

CelebritiesAmazon Freevee's 'Jury Duty' cast: James Marsden, more

The Complete Guide to James Marsden's Jury Duty Cast
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There’s no crazier jury duty experience than Amazon Freevee jury duty Comedians of the series and actors react to the unexpected Ronald Gladden,

The comedy, which premiered earlier this month on Amazon FreeVee, is filmed mockumentary-style as a group of prospective jurors go through a rigorous selection process and a civil trial. while the early episodes look like jury duty is a reality TV show that chronicles jury selection, most of the cast are actually actors except for one participant, who is unaware that everything is fictional.

Gladden, for his part, is a contractor by trade who answered a vague Craigslist ad asking for a part in a documentary about jury duty. Little did he know that his fellow jury members were all artists, including james marsden as a sensationalized version of himself.

“We called him the hero in the whole thing because we were creating a hero’s journey for someone,” the 27 clothes The 49-year-old actor recalled Gladden during an April interview with IndieWire. “If I saw any sign that he was reprimanded or that he was uncomfortable, I was ready to say, ‘I’m out. Plug out.’ And I was serious about it. I can’t sleep at night if I know I’m making anybody, who doesn’t know any of this is fake, uncomfortable in any way.

He continued at the time: “The challenge for me was that I was an important person to Ronald. It was important that I trusted him, that we had good banter, that there was friendship. So, whenever I did something like did what he didn’t like or what he thought was really shy behavior, then I’d have to pull it back a bit and be normal James so he could get back into his good graces. And then he’d hopefully think, ‘Okay There’s a nice guy out there, he just kind of freaked out in that moment.'”

When jury duty Cast – including Marsden and sex life of college girls, mekki leeper – was a difficult script to follow, with Gladden completely improvising his scenes based on in-the-moment reactions to over-the-top situations.

“I was just under the impression it was going to be a behind-the-scenes … or what it was like for jury duty,” recalled the construction worker reach hollywood In April. “So, I signed up for what I thought was a documentary. I didn’t really know what was going on until the end.

Although Gladden was unaware that he was essentially playing a prank on a freebie sitcom, Marsden insisted that his TV costar made “comedy gold” without even trying.

,[Ronald was] Like, ‘Do I recognize you? What didn’t I know?'” The done by alum recalls the pair’s first jury duty The scene during an April appearance on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast. “And I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m into a lot of things,’ and then I saw someone who was actually wearing socks that looked like they said ‘Sonic.’ Everything’s just going on. … I’m just trying to think of a way to talk about, you know, my stuff.

Gladden, for his part, replied that he did not know Marsden was in Sonic the Hedgehog Before saying that he had heard that the 2020 film had received poor reviews. ,[It’s] Comedy Gold,” The spray The actor insisted on the podcast. “And then, I have to go, ‘Yeah, I mean a lot of people saw it, you should see it,’ and then the next day he came in [and said], ‘Hey man, I’m sorry. I saw the movie last night. it was so cool, you didn’t tell me ben schwartz Is in it!'”

Marsden said: “He really hit the moments that were scripted before we even got there.”

Scroll down to know where you saw the cast jury duty Earlier:

The Complete Guide to James Marsden's Jury Duty Cast

James Marsden at the ‘White House Plumber’ TV series premiere Andrew H. walker / shutterstock

James Marsden (himself)

After a series of guest spots on various TV series, the Oklahoma native got his big break in the 2000s landing the role of Scott Summers. X Men, He has since starred in several hit films including Zoolander, The Notebook, Superman Returns, Enchanted, Hop, The Best of Me, Sonic the Hedgehog and netflix dead to me,

Ronald Gladden (himself)

jury duty Gladden’s first acting role, in which he plays himself. The San Diego native works in construction.

Mekki Leeper (Noah Price)

Philadelphia native, who is also a writer jury duty, is a stand-up comedian best known for his role as Eric On mindy kaling‘S sex life of college girls, Leeper also had a brief cameo in the 2018 episode. new girl.

Eddie Modica (Jeannie Abruzzo)

Modica’s acting credits include The Special Without Brett Davis, High Maintenance, Reveries: Going Deeper, Made for Love And Palukavill.

Susan Berger (Barbara Goldstein)

The New York native has appeared in several popular TV series, including Criminal Minds, Hunters, This Is Us, Station 19, Shameless And Veep. the tragedy of macbeth The actress also had a four-episode arc. American Horror Story In 2016.

Maria Russell (Inez de Leon)

Russell portrays Beth Halloran kristen bell‘S Woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window after landing in bit parts Tacoma FD, Why Women Kill, Teen Wolf, Grey’s Anatomy And general Hospital.

The Complete Guide to James Marsden's Jury Duty Cast

Maria Russell at the ‘Lights Out’ movie premiere John Salangsang / shutterstock

Cassandra Blair (Vanessa Jenkins)

friends and more The alum is also known for her previous TV credits which include NCIS: Hawaii, Side Hustle, Hacks, 9-1-1, Better Things, Westworld And Cheater.

David Brown (Todd Gregory)

Help The alum is known for his roles in I used to go here, between this year And The Everything Now Show.

Pramod Kumar (Ravi Chattopadhyay)

The India native has been acting since 1989, landing roles in projects like Starsky & Hutch, ER, My Name Is Earl, I Am Singh, Rising Hope And birds of prey.

The Complete Guide to James Marsden's Jury Duty Cast

Kirk Fox at the ‘Reservation Dogs’ series premiere Rob Latour / shutterstock

Kirk Fox (Pat McCurdy)

California native portrays Kenny Boy Reservation Dogs. Additionally, Fox had small arc on choice Curb Your Enthusiasm, Black Monday, The Goldbergs, The Conners, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mick And Busy time.

Ross Kimball (Ross Kubiak)

Kimbell is best known for his acting masterminds, queenpins And crisis. superstore Has also appeared in episodes of Alum Love, Champions, Alone Together And Chicago Med.

Ishmael Sahid (Lone Coleman)

that girl lay down stars have appeared Cousins ​​For Life, Best Friends Whenever, Kingdom, The Mindy Project, Is there anything that Nick Lachey can’t do? And Women like us.

Jury Duty is currently streaming on Amazon Freevee. The final two episodes drop on Friday, April 21.

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