‘American Idol’ Judge Katy Perry Confronted a Contestant About “Reinventing” One of Her Songs

Next audition batch American idol Season 5 (the 20th season of the show as a whole) aired on Sunday night, and Judge Katy Perry was speechless.

It all started when 25-year-old singer Lady K stepped in front of Katie and her fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. After sharing her feelings of connection with Lionel for her roots in Tuskegee, Alabama, Lady K revealed that Katie’s song empowered her during difficult times.when American idol Athletes said she would play Katie’s 2012 hit single “Wide Awake,” and the judge was visibly surprised at her choice. But she became more intriguing only after hearing Lady K’s emotional expression, which symbolized her journey of life.

After that, Katie had to take some time to gather herself. “I just want to say’what a dare'” She talked to Lady K.. “You sang with such elegance, beauty, elegance, and filigree. It’s like you reinvented the song. Your heart is vocal cords because the vocal cords just overflow from you. Seems to shine through. “

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“It’s just flowing. It’s amazing and it’s very honest. It’s just magic,” Luke added. “You sang Katy Perry’s song and turned it into you, and Katy Perry was crying. What are you doing?” Lionel said.

After all, all three American idol The judge gave Lady K a sure yes, and she left with a ticket to Hollywood. Fans watching her memorable moments on her YouTube were also impressed by the story of her personal resilience. A man from Montgomery experienced homelessness as a child and was open to the loss of her younger brother.

“Wow, I didn’t know the lyrics were so deep until Mr. K came. What season will this be? American idol!! Someone wrote in the comments section, “Top 5 Materials.” “Lady K, you are a great power. You will go forever !!!” Another addition. “It’s guts. Besides singing the judge’s song in front of them, the song is very personal to Katie. This song is about Katie’s divorce from Russell Brand, but the lyrics are We can translate so many things, “said another fan.

Katie didn’t confirm that “Wide Awake” was written in response to her divorce from actor Russell Brand, a British comedian in 2011, but “Wide Awake” is “Wide Awake.”Good and bad parts.. “

“Every song has different emotions and emotions.” She told MTV News In an interview in 2013. “Especially this song is realistic. It’s like coming down from a high place. You’ve been in Cloud Nine for a long time and it’s not always that sweet, so you need to understand it from time to time. To know that you can regain yourself, move forward, face the facts of life, and this is just a lesson you will learn, which will make you stronger. “

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