And the Sign Read: JESUS 2020

I am not a religionist. I’m not a Christian, but when I watched the US Capitol storm yesterday on live television, there was one sign raised by a mob that caught my attention more than anyone else.

It read: Jesus 2020

In the 2020 presidential election, no one named Jesus was a candidate, so it could be inferred that the purpose of this sign was to equate Jesus Christ with Donald Trump. son, Eric recently declared His dad “literally saved Christianity.”

But again, I’m not a Christian, but I read a few things about Jesus Christ. In particular, he advised his disciples to heal the sick, cleanse those suffering from leprosy, and expel evil spirits without paying. What you received: Give it freely. “(((Matthew 10: 8).

Obviously, Christ respects compassion, kindness, and compassion, and more specifically, he did not support yesterday’s actions of violence, turmoil, and turmoil to destroy freedom and democracy. prize.

The fact that the two were compared is contrary to logic, but as in the case of yesterday’s coup failure, logic tends to pop out of the window when anger and anger overtake common sense.

Many women, including myself, have recently found that living under President Trump is very similar to being in a situation of domestic violence, almost personally, especially if I have experienced it before. Expressed to. I was a child at the time and the only daughter of a violently abusive father who lived under his full authoritarian rule. Trump couldn’t hurt me physically, but like my dad, many of the same painful emotions were triggered again. Life, and the people I loved.

When I left my dad’s house decades ago, I promised myself that I would never be in such a vulnerable position, and I didn’t think I could be an independent adult. .. But Trump was very reminding of my dad, as represented by his rampant racism, misogyny, and deep anxiety. Perhaps that’s why he fled to Canada to flee just three months before the election. As a child living in an abusive home, one learns to survive by being keenly aware of the slightest signs of imminent violence to protect himself. Deep in my gut, I couldn’t shake the feeling that President Trump would swell to a level of massive violence before it was over. Many friends who were also survivors of domestic violence confessed that they felt the same way.

In fact, yesterday’s assault is not surprising, as it is very common for the spread of violence to culminate at or near the end. “The most dangerous time for a victim of domestic violence is just to escape because she has escaped control,” said a feminist activist. Gloria Steinem.. She also has another very dangerous time after winning her victory. Especially when there is a majority change in consciousness. So yesterday’s backlash was the Democratic victory over Donald Trump in the November presidential election and the attempted coup d’etat where both Georgian Democratic challengers won the Senate in two fiercely contested races. Put an end to the Republican majority domination of the US Senate, which should have happened because of the success of the same party within hours.

But just as political leaders never ask the survivors of domestic violence to reconsider her decision to escape, despite the growing threat to her safety. We cannot expect to succumb to the hostile threat of armed rebels trying to force our democracy down.

And again, I’m not a Christian, but I think that’s what Jesus Christ wants.

Lori Sokol, PhD. Is Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of Women’s News.She is also the author She is me: how women save the world (She writes the press, 2020)

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