Aneesah Morrow’s double-double streak halted in DePaul loss – JWS

Annie Samorrow’s 23 straight double-double win streak ended when DePaul lost to Marquette 105-85 in the Big East quarterfinals on Saturday.

The star freshman finished with a 10-20 shot, the best 29 points in the game, but fell below double-double with six rebounds to go with five steals.

Marquette was 65.7 to 47.4 percent ahead of Depol and dominated on boards 49-17. All five Golden Eagles starters finished the game in double digits, led by Liza Karlen’s 26 points and 14 rebounds.

“I think Marquette’s determination to get me off the board was one of the biggest things,” Morrow said after the match.

Morrow’s Double-Double Streak was the sixth longest in Division I’s women’s basketball season.

Ariya Boston, South Carolina, currently holds the longest active double-double streak and clinches her 23rd straight to match Morrow’s record with the team’s victory at the University of Mississippi on Saturday. Did.

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