Announcing: The Loreen Arbus Accessibility is Fundamental 2020 Fellows

Women’s eNews Accessibility of Loreen Arbus is basic * Fellow of 2020! This first fellowship was created to train women with disabilities as professional journalists so that they can write, investigate and report on the most important issues affecting the disabled community.

Meet the 2020 Fellow

Cheyenne Leonard: “Where society and others can see my disability as a tragedy, I have always seen my disability as an opportunity. My disability has traveled the United States for 12 years, junior. I was given the opportunity to participate in the Paralympics and change the laws of the school district to allow students with disabilities to join the high school track team. Models and actresses are diversified into the media in which it is severely lacking. And bring an expression of disability. I have had many opportunities in my life, but because I am a Latina woman in a wheelchair, I always have my rights, my voice, and my place in every room so far. I had to fight for. I have two bachelors from UNLV in Psychology and Criminal Justice, but my passion has always been the expression of disability and the media. I am in the growing media. I had never seen an expression of disability, and several times I did, it was mostly white and male, so I want to be and / or create an expression that has never been seen before. “

Katrina Yanko: “I can’t remember many times in my life that women with autism weren’t the only ones in the room, not just those with disabilities openly. In this position, I I always find it a heavy burden to properly represent my community. One way I could alleviate it is to write about my experience in this position. People write in my writing. It’s the greatest feeling to see a reaction. That’s why I want to be a journalist. This wasn’t always true. For years I’ve denied this desire. The big turning point is , Was to write the first feature article on 34th Street, a magazine run by Penn’s students. I think Penn may lead the study of autism, but it’s like me. I wrote about how I couldn’t support my students. It was very difficult, especially because I had to meet impossible expectations. It was students, graduates, and most importantly, finally seen. I’ve won awards and critics’ praise from other autistic people who felt they were, and then I really realized the value of my voice and continued to write. “

Natalie Dogget: “I am an up-and-coming senior at New York University’s Gallatin College for Individual Studies. Gallatin has created a unique focus on local media and community globalization related to journalism and the political and cultural functions of the media within grassroots activist organizations. I have honed my academic interest in my work as an ambitious journalist and educator and have written about pop culture and politics in various publications such as Washington Square News, Embedded Magazine, and SONK U Magazine. In the fall of 2018, I created a podcast of an interview series called Bad Radical Radio hosted on WNYU 89.1. Bad Radical Radio is a free educational resource where scholars, student activists, and local grassroots organizers discuss social issues that affect people of color. As a young black woman, I’m investing in finding and amplifying news articles investigating the crossroads of race, disability, and gender identity. “

Loreen Arbus

Loreen Arbus Accessibility is a basic fellowship with Women’s eNews, providing important employment opportunities for women with disabilities to report on issues that have a significant impact on the disabled community.

Loreen Arbus is the Loreen Arbus Foundation, Goldenson-Arbus Foundation, and Loreen Arbus Productions, Inc. Is the president of. Through these organizations, and in her personal efforts, Arbus is a constant supporter of women and girls. She is a disabled champion, one of the largest minorities in the world. She is passionate about encouraging equal opportunity in television, film, communication and the arts.

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