Are Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati from ‘Love Is Blind’ Dating?

Warning: This post has Love is blind Season 2, If it’s still on your binge list, come back now.

Love is complicated, blind or not. Like all dating shows, Love is blind When it becomes happy after that, it has a mixed track record. Season 2 ended with a happy and beloved couple (Jarrette and Iyanna, Nick and Danielle), and many more new single-again contestants.

But now the fans Deepti Vempati When Kyle AbramsPeople who aren’t at the show may be in real life. We are here to answer a burning question: Are Deepti and Kyle dating? The short answer is probably very strong. For a longer answer, to enjoy scrolling, we’ve put together evidence that has fueled (and endorsed) speculation about the post-show coupling between Deepti and Kyle.

Confession of Kyle’s reunion.

At the reunion, Kyle revealed that he was * very * obsessed with Deep Tea while chatting on the pod.

“I have a lot of regrets. The biggest regret is that I should have asked Deepty to marry me,” he explained in a reunion special ( We weekly). “”That is what I learned the most. I got messed up. I should have worked harder for you. I love her so much, she is the best. And she wanted to see what she had in front of her, which is my biggest regret.I’m sorry … yeah, it makes me angry [Shake] I wasted such a good opportunity. “

Kyle’s mysterious Tik Tok.

A few hours after the reunion special was dropped on Netflix, Kyle posted a TikTok video. This video literally stares at the camera to reveal Deep Tea standing in the corner of the same room, with ominous music playing before panning. Then he pans back to himself and flashes a sly laugh. It’s definitely an atmosphere:

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A kind of confirmation of Deepti.

In an interview with Elite Daily On the day the reunion special dropped on Netflix, Deepti was asked directly about her and Kyle’s status, and she certainly didn’t deny romance.

“Kyle and I, we understand that,” she said. “Not many people know that we had a really strong connection with pods.”

This isn’t the first time Deepty has at least hinted at a podship with Kyle.She said earlier Buzzfeed She wanted another pod connection to have longer screen times (though she didn’t give Kyle a specific name).

“On the pod side, Shake wasn’t the only person I was hooked on,” she explained. “I had other very strong connections and I was very back and forth in my head about which direction to go. They want to air a little more of that suspicion, but not all. you can not.”

Deepti and Kyle seem to be at least exploring each other’s feelings. Or they are trolling us all very hard and very well.

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