Are Sal and Natalie from ‘Love Is Blind’ Dating?

With updates from today Cast Love is blindGives you an answer to the mystery of the post-show status of Monkey and Natalie.

During the second season of the show, Natalie Lee joined Shane Janssen.Natalie and Shane split at the show, but at a reunion they revealed what they had Retried to make things work Before finishing things again.When a fan asks Shane about his and Natalie’s current feelings But for each other, his reaction was very 😯.

“Ask @ salvadior08,” Shayne wrote in response to a question, especially if he and Natalie “hate each other now.”


Not only are such mysterious IG posts overlooked, but now both monkeys and Natalie are asked about their current situation and given a record response to rumors.In the episode on Wednesday Barstool TPublyssity EA PodcastNatalie said she and the monkey are definitely “intimate”, but they are not a couple.

“I know there was speculation,’Are you and the monkey dating?’ We are not, “she said. people)... We are really, really close friends. I really appreciate that friendship with him. “

I’m sorry to break the dream of the monkey / Natalie shipper, but when asked about the pair’s rumored couple Dom, “Yes, we’re dating”, but the monkey Also They say they are just great friends.

“Natalie and I are really good friends. That’s all I can say,” said Monkey. Entertainment Tonight.. “We’re not doing anything. Natalie is a very kind person. I’m very grateful to her and playing with each other, but no, we’re friends. We’re good friends. .That’s all.”

The monkey also said he spoke to Shane about the overall situation to make sure there were no misunderstandings.

“I don’t think Shane knew Natalie and I were just playful,” Monkey told social media about his and Natalie’s frivolous tone. “I talked to Shane and it felt like,’Hey everyone,’ I’m with him and Shane, as I know Shane is doing herself right now. I got rid of it, and I’m a really good friend too ..'”

So you have it. Monkeys and Natalie are just BFFs who really “thank” each other.

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