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Ariana mocks ‘In a Throuple’ with Tom, Raquel: Deleted Scenes

CelebritiesAriana mocks 'In a Throuple' with Tom, Raquel: Deleted Scenes

Bravo fans who keep watching new episodes vanderpump rules The never before seen episodes need to be fine tuned with a fine tooth comb between the scandalous episodes.

Prior to the new installment of the series on Wednesday, April 19, the network aired the previous week’s episode, which documented shayna shayAugust 2022 wedding of, with additional footage – including a clip of ariana madix, tom sandoval And Raquel Lewis in a hot tub.

In the clip, the trio posed for a photo in front of Ariana, 37, who was topless, joking, “It looks like we’re having a thrupple. It looks like we’re on a romantic vacation.”

Sandoval, 40, later called the snap “lovely.” In another deleted scene, Raquel compliments the TomTom co-owner and Ariana, who supported her in a competition after her split. james kennedy earlier that year.

“It was, like, the best support system in the world,” Raquel said before Ariana went on to say that she was “robbed of the crown.”

The former beauty queen said, “To be honest, this shouldn’t have happened, because if I was Miss California, I wouldn’t be acting like I’m doing it.”

Pump Rules Deleted Scenes Ariana Madix Jokes About Being In A Trouble In Hotbutt With Tom Sandoval Raquel Lewis 2

Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix and Raquel Lewis Praise

Viewers now know that Sandoval and Raquel kissed before Scheana’s wedding, marking the beginning of the affair that led to the end of his nine-year romance with Ariana.

“We just kissed. It was magnetic,” he recalled on the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast on April 11. “I felt something I hadn’t felt emotionally in so long.”

Sandoval said that his feelings for Raquel were “very, very strong” as they continued to spend time together.

“Those feelings that I kind of started to take over. Logic has gone out the window,” he said. “Because I wasn’t feeling that [with Ariana] – I didn’t experience it [before],

During Wednesday’s episode of the reality show, James’ girlfriend, allied laborBe the first to hint that something happened between Raquel and Sandoval.

“Last night Lala [Kent]K’s apartment, I was picking up my stuff and we were leaving and talking. That’s when I mentioned that I saw Sandoval and Raquel dancing together later in the abbey. [a] see you next Tuesday [event at SUR],” she told the cameras. “I personally would not feel comfortable putting my boyfriend out with the girls at 1 a.m. But everyone is different. I thought it was kind of weird that it was 1 a.m. and we were like, ‘Where’s Ariana?’

Katie Maloney The latter hinted at speculation during the fight with Sandoval at the end of the episode, which was slated to be filmed in late August 2022 to early September 2022. Raquel’s play with oliver saunders and his estranged wife, samantha, “You go to the abbey together at one in the morning.”

Sandoval became defensive, responding, “Dude, what are you saying? Get the f—k out of here, man.”

In real time, Ariana didn’t find out about the affair until March 1. Sandoval, who claimed that he “turned a blind eye” to signs of his affair with Raquel, told Howie Mandel She ended things with her longtime partner in February, but he was “in denial”.

vanderpump rules Bravo airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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