As We Leave Afghanistan, Don’t Abandon Women and Girls

As foreign troops and diplomats rush out of Afghanistan and humanitarian aid declines, Afghan women are at risk of rapid expansion of health, education and violence, including attacks specifically targeting women and girls. Facing Some of these attacks have been claimed by Islamic State. For others, it is unknown who is responsible.

What are the views on women’s rights in the Taliban? Almost no changeCountries withdrawing from Afghanistan have shown little concern about the dark future they are leaving for women and girls.

In my life, American interest in Afghan women had more dramatic mountains and valleys than the Hindu Kush Mountains. In the 1980s, a photo of an Afghan girl with memorable green eyes graced the cover of National Geographic magazine. Living in a refugee camp, she was unaware that her photographs evoked a wave of empathy for the girl exiled by the civil war and the Soviet aggression.

When the Soviet withdrew, the United States turned away, Afghanistan fell into a faction war, thousands were killed, and women were raped by combat forces.

In the late 90’s, images of an Afghan woman barking under a beard-bearded Taliban extremist whip became active. Feminist sympathy from Hollywood To DC. But it wasn’t until after 9/11 that those released energies helped justify the US military’s involvement in the dollar and the military. In our home, we prayed that this attention would bring amnesty to the tortured home.

I am writing a novel inspired by the courage and indomitable spirit that Afghan women showed when they were in conflict trauma. Since the expulsion of the Taliban in 2001, Afghan women have not wasted a moment of sunlight to revive their lives and consolidate their rights. A schoolgirl in Kabul told me she dreamed of becoming a teacher, doctor and pilot. Today, women play many government roles, including parliamentarians, ministers, and ambassadors.

The number of girls attending school was steadily increasing until around 2015, when the number decreased due to corruption, diminished aid, and heightened anxiety. Many have graduated with a degree.Women are artists (graffiti, fashion, singers, andMusician) And entrepreneurs, feeding the local economy and their families.Award-winning Afghanistan during the pandemic Girl robot team Designed Low cost ventilator..

Mother-to-child mortality is declining. Life expectancy has increased. International support has had a realistic and positive impact.

However, humanitarian aid is shrinking in anticipation of the withdrawal of international troops. Human Rights Watch recently released a report on access to maternal health care, which reduced international commitments to Afghanistan in 2021-2024 by up to 20 percent compared to the previous four years at the 2020 Geneva Donor Conference. did.

In late April, the State Department ordered an unspecified number of unnecessary personnel to leave Kabul. The announcement follows the announcement that the United States will withdraw the remaining troops from Afghanistan by September 11.Anonymous State Department officials make it creative “Re-posture” Of American diplomatic involvement.

May 25, Australia Announced that the embassy of Kabul will be closed in 4 days.according to Associated Press, Several other embassies have ordered non-essential personnel from Kabul and advised the public to ban travel to Afghanistan. The UK Government has called on a network of organizations operating in Afghanistan to help identify British citizens in Afghanistan to find out who may need emergency evacuation in the event of a disaster. ..

Interviewed Afghan female Human Rights Watch shared the barriers faced in accessing care: costs, anxieties, lack of providers and facilities. Hospitals were understaffed and rural facilities were long absent or inadequate. One woman said she spends hours working on roads blocked by combat. Hospitals and clinics are the target of all parties to the conflict, making access to vital care much more difficult. The worst of these is Obstetrics ward It is run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

Attacks on female activists, leaders and journalists are on the rise.I will be in the Department of State in 2020 International Women of Courage Award award. A few months later, a bullet flew out of the window of her car.She appeared unharmed, but just a month later, her father Shot deadly In front of his house.

Female activists in Afghanistan have made their commitment to fight for their rights, despite the horrors they feel as motorcycles pass through their homes, despite the credible threats to their lives. I regularly hear reconfirmations. Even if the world withdraws, we cannot pretend to be ignorant. The armed struggle for the future of Afghanistan creates more casualties, expels more families, shortens the already contracted lifespan, and reduces the chances of a newborn living until her first birthday. increase. An increasing proportion of the population will work on disabilities and mental illness.

In the past, the plight of Afghan women has helped justify military involvement. Take a novel approach and ensure that the achievements of Afghan women over the last two decades are a catalyst for continued humanitarian assistance and lifesaving. Don’t look away.


Nadia Hashimi is a pediatrician and best-selling novelist with books for adults and young people. She is a member of the Afghanistan Women’s Council, the Afghanistan American Foundation, and a defender of women’s rights in Afghanistan.

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