Barbie Ferreira Responds To Rumors of Drama on Euphoria Set

There are many reasons to get angry with Sam Levinson’s latest season EuphoriaBut actress Barbie Ferreira has eased some pressure with her latest confession: many of the alleged behind-the-scenes dramas are clearly “not true.”

In an interview with insiderThe actress responded to rumors, albeit indirectly, that not everything went well between her and the director during production. These alleged cases reportedly included a “storm-off” set and a “match” with Levinson on story and screen time decisions. The Daily Beast.. After the February 2022 cover story, rumors spread even further. cutBriefly took up the whisper of Ferreira and Levinson’s “controversy” and emphasized that Ferreira was absent during the show’s premiere event.To cut“Cat’s journey this season is a bit more internal and a little mysterious to the audience,” Ferreira added. This was read by some fans as an admission to her character’s diminished presence in Season 2.

However, Ferreira says the drama reports are exaggerated. “The interesting thing about this season is that even the news cycle is getting so much attention,” she said. insider.. “I’ve seen so many different things, many of which aren’t true, and some of them are like mundane little ones.”

She continued. “Sometimes things go their own life and aren’t rooted in the truth, but it’s okay because I know it’s just from passion and curiosity, and from all the good things. Signed it up. So I take it. I take the good and the bad. “

Ferreira is not the first Euphoria Actors responding to the “toxic production environment” claim, as claimed by The Daily Beast.. Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate Jacob, variety“You shouldn’t suffer, but for me it’s great value to work hard … and they just [take] Take care of us. That is my family. If I work long hours, Sam works twice as long and Zendaya works three times as long. We are all together. ”

father, HBO has issued its own statement Defending Levinson’s set: “The cast and crew well-being of our work has always been a top priority. The production was fully compliant with all safety guidelines and guild protocols. The drama series made complex shoots. It’s not uncommon to do, and the COVID protocol adds an additional layer. We maintain open communication with all guilds, including SAG-AFTRA. There were no formal inquiries. ”

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