Bella Hadid’s Off-Duty Look Includes a Diamond Tooth Accessory

Bella Hadid is showing an unexpected bling.

The supermodel showed off her latest accessory, the Diamond Tooth Jewel, as she walked through the streets of Paris with her boyfriend, art director Mark Kalman. A small diamond on her teeth covers the look of a 90’s-inspired preparation, with the model on a white collared shirt with a blue quarter-zip sweatshirt, a plaid medium-length skirt, and a white ankle. I’m wearing socks and black sneakers.

In addition to dental jewelry, Hadid decorated the exterior with a white shoulder bag, a teddy bear necklace, silver hoop earrings, and rectangular FUBU glasses. She also wore her hair with multiple French braids collected on her pigtail. Off-duty hairstyle This year.

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Paris, France March 4 Bella Hadid will be seen leaving the hotel during Fashion Week March 4, 2022 in Paris. France Photo: arnold jerockigc images

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Hadid is known to bring out 90s When Early 2000s Let us forget about trends and why we left them in the past. Her diamond tooth jewels are after the resurrection of accessories in 2017 worn by her friend Hailey Beaver. Two jewels For the Met Gala of the year. Hadid is now resurrecting the trend in his busy Paris Fashion Week schedule.

The model is booked throughout the week, and her former sister has made eye-catching appearances in several shows so far. off whiteHaute couture presentation celebrating the late designer Virgil Abloh Includes some looks from his vast design archive. Hadid shared some behind-the-scenes photos, including hand-painted sketches of Abro’s fashionable bridal look worn at the show.

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