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    The Benefits of Personal Branding for Business

    The Benefits of Personal Branding for Business
    The Benefits of Personal Branding for Business

    A first impression is never reversible. They apply to both you and your company. So, if someone gets a bad first impression of your business, you know they’ll leave and probably never return. A few friends may be told.

    Benefits of Personal Branding for Business
    Benefits of Personal Branding for Business

    If they have a great experience on their first visit, you’ve gained a lifelong client. They may even tell a few pals.

    But what if you work with clients? Somebody who wants to be a leader or a consultant or a speaker?

    Maybe you’ve worked hard to establish your company’s identity, with a logo and an excellent website.

    But that’s just half the fight. Because if you want to stand out and attract your ideal customers, you must understand, create, and manage your personal brand.

    While personal branding is important for all business people, women are frequently conditioned to be meek and gentle. While everyone may benefit from the advice I’m going to provide, I strongly urge ladies to pay attention (to get the courage to speak out and stand out!).

    Personal Branding: Why You Need It

    ‘How can a personal brand help my business?’ asks one woman.

    In business, executives are focused on return on investment (ROI). Before investing in all the work, they want to know how a personal brand may help their company.

    In summary, people will evaluate you based on your own brand.

    People do judge a book by its cover.

    So a brand is your business’s cover. You want that cover to stand out, but also represent who you are and what you do.

    And most people think that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Your personal brand will reflect on your business, whether you want it to or not.

    A personal-business brand alignment increases the likelihood of connecting with the appropriate individuals and turning them into enthusiastic fans.

    So that’s the ‘why’ of personal branding. Visit our website to learn more about personal and professional branding.


    Now for the ‘how.’

    Personal Branding is a term used to describe the process of

    The first step in this quest is to embrace your own brand.

    That implies being self-assured. Authenticity is needed. In branding, being authentic creates trust, and trust builds consumers.

    This may be tough for women taught to please others and be all things to all people.

    That’s why you must consider your target market.

    Define your ideal customer while developing your brand.

    Only your ideal client counts.

    It’s okay not to be liked. People who don’t like your brand are unlikely to become consumers.

    So be proud of who you are. Accept it! Own your individuality and be proud to show it out. Accept your uniqueness and share it with the world.

    8 Personal Branding Mistakes Hurting Your Company

    A bad personal brand may turn off consumers. But how can you prevent them from harming your business?

    Here are the top personal branding blunders.


    More online.

    Examples of Branding and Business Development

    I have several hats in my job. Services include logo and graphic design, bespoke website design/development, SEO and SEM marketing, social media marketing, newsletters, and strategy consultation.

    Working one-on-one with small business owners and entrepreneurs to create and utilize their personal and professional identities is my favorite of all my hats.

    It’s very empowering to help women realize who they are and what they have to give.

    For example, our former client Dana Smithers loves, eats, and breaths her personal brand. Dana, the “woman in red,” seamlessly blends her personal and professional brands.

    Ascendance client Katherine Hartvickson is another outstanding example of building strong personal and professional branding.

    Katherine is a speaker, author, and high-performance leadership and HR consultant.

    Her personal brand is strong, with expertise and elegance in all she does. In addition to frequent informative blog articles, she has a long-standing social media presence, establishing her as a go-to expert.

    And, as said, completely accept who you are.

    For example, Yvonne Douma isn’t scared to have fun! The customers of Yvonne’s business, Douma Leadership, appreciate her contagious sense of humor.

    Rather than pushing herself into the serious businesswoman‘ position, Yvonne celebrates her personality via her social media presence.


    To be clear, Yvonne is a serious businesswoman and consummate professional who also offers invaluable advice on how to establish herself as an authority in her area (for example, see our talk on communication skills on our website).

    But it doesn’t mean she has to be someone she isn’t.

    Business Women’s Branding Tips

    What happens next after you’ve defined your own brand?

    Here are several tried-and-true methods:

    Improve Social Media

    Consistency and genuine interaction are the keys to successful social media marketing.

    Social networking isn’t a sales tool. Instead, it allows you to showcase your own brand. Maintain a regular social media presence to increase brand recognition and create a “know, like, and trust” factor with your fans.

    Learn more about creating a successful social media strategy with us online.

    To create a content strategy

    Personal and professional brands are essential to development. Content is king. Therefore, well-written content is one of the most essential components of your website and marketing materials.

    Now, the appropriate content approach will vary across every company. It may be:

    • Online seminar/webinar registration pages
    • Sales pages for goods and services
    • Blogs and newsletters:
    • Newsletters on the internet
    • Tweets are short messages that are sent out on the
    • Publications
    • Marketers’ Printing

    All material should aim to promote your company, attract new customers, improve conversions, and eventually increase sales.

    If you’re new to content marketing, here are some excellent resources:

    How to Write Blog Posts that Target Your Audience

    The Sleazy Way To Turn Newsletter Signups Into Customers


    Interactive Content Marketing: Engage and Inspire

    Rejoice In The Praise

    This is a personal flaw of mine, and I’m sure many ladies share it. It’s not always easy to accept praise, but I strongly advise you to do so. Gratitude is part of owning who you are.

    Instead of snubbing praise, accept it with grace.

    Also, don’t be ashamed of your achievements! List your achievements and let them speak for themselves.

    Where to Live?

    Embrace your target demographic. So you’ll be spending time with individuals who will react to your own brand.

    Put yourself in locations where your ideal customers will be. Adding water to oil causes needless issues.

    Putting yourself in the appropriate situations and letting your personal brand shine can help you attract your target customers. Trying to please everyone leads to unnecessary stumbling blocks.

    A fantastic Facebook group is a wonderful way to connect with your community.

    Hire a branding pro.

    If you’re an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’re skilled. But you may not conduct branding or marketing.

    Personal and professional branding requires time and energy. It’s also intimidating.

    You’d outsource accounting if numbers give you the willies, and building management if you were short on time. It’s also a good idea to outsource your branding and marketing if you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t have the time to devote to it.

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