Book of the Week: With or Without You

Caroline Levitt

On the eve of a big break, a rocker with aging problems discusses with his longtime lover, and the two are taking medicine. In the morning he wakes up, but she doesn’t wake up and falls into a coma. When she appears, her personality is radically different, causing major changes to herself, him, and the young doctor who cares for her.

Chapter 1 ((((excerpt)

disaster. No matter where he looked, he saw a disaster when he thought of flying.

His suitcase was open on the table, jumbled with dark clothes. She was on the floor and everything was tightly rolled up, more than enough for her to take off from her nursing job at her hospital and go with him. He was staring at her as if he didn’t know her. He became more and more anxious about her lately, she shook him, pointed at herself, and wanted to tell me. m here. All you have to do is see.

She drank another sip of wine, just to calm herself, maybe to add some heat to her body, to stop the discomfort rolling inside her. Outside, it was another freezing winter in New York City in February. The snow burned like a sheet toward the window and piled up on the sidewalk. There was a snowstorm recommendation for a 12-inch buildup, complete with school closures and warnings for the elderly and the vulnerable to stay inside. That was the main reason they were in the apartment tonight. The airport was closed and flights to California weren’t rescheduled until tomorrow night at the earliest. There was too much snow to drive and I didn’t have enough time.

Simon’s band was once successful, but it was 20 years ago when she first met him, he was just 22 years old, and his band was acclaimed for Simon’s mega-hit song “Charlatan Eyes”. Was there. At that time, Simon wasn’t really singing. He was just a harmony, playing bass guitar to lead singer Rob’s aching cry. Once, Stella had heard the song as Musack in the Macy’s elevator, and it seemed that everyone else in the elevator was ignoring it, but she was full of joy. Over the years, the band still played for a decent-sized audience and recorded several more albums. With a few more songs played, Simon started singing more of his songs, but the band wasn’t built, the audience and stage booked by the manager got smaller, and the awards they all longed for didn’t arrive. It was.

Caroline Levitt The New York Times best-selling authors Pictures of You, Is This Tomorrow, and Cruel Beautiful World. With or without you, they have also been given the following names:
one of Pop sugar“August Incredible Book”
one of Bustle “s Best book of the week
One of AARP’s best books in August
A Publisher Weekly Featured book in autumn.

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