Book Review: The Rooftop Party

Admit … many of us get a little too close to us for a business lunch, put our hands on our bodies without permission at a company cocktail party, or drink too much at a company retreat? Well, for a writer, this illusion came true, at least on paper.

Ellen Meister, author of her seventh novel, Rooftop party, After escaping the lecherous grasp of the company’s CEO, she gave her female protagonist the freedom and power to do just that.

“Is there any other place in this life where I can play God and have accurate revenge?” Meister I will ask.

answer: In a novel.

Meister began writing her book with her latest fiction work, written during the “Year of Trump.” “The CEO’s idea came directly from watching Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing,” she continues. “It was clear that this guy was lying and acting. It made me crazy and I was full of anger.” The character of the male CEO of her book was in her mind. It began to look like Brett, and she even slipped through clues to his true identity, implying at some point that he “looks calm like a judge.”

By choosing the CEO’s real name, Ivan Dennison, Meister also got clues from another man, Donald Trump, who has a reputation for improper and illegal sexual activity aimed at women. “I gave him the first name, Ivan, which came from his daughter’s name, and I gave him the last name of Denison,” Ellen recalls. If the name is ringing about the year of playing cards, you are right. Denison is one of the three notable pseudonyms used by Trump. This is due to his personal attorney Michael Cohen in a pre-election nondisclosure agreement with pornographic film actor Stormy Daniels in 2016.

Dana Barry, the female protagonist who proposed the great idea of ​​stopping by a company rooftop party and not knocking down the company, has been sacrificed by a powerful man, whether sexual or not. Represents a woman. .. “She’s a real woman. She drinks, gets tall, has sex, and she knows her worth,” Mizer adds.

But is she actually guilty of driving the CEO off the roof and killing her?

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Ellen Meister

About the Author: Ellen Meister is an award-winning author, and other books include: Love sold separately, Click here for Dorothy Parker Rank, Farewell, Dorothy Parker, Other life, APPLEWOOD PTA’s secret confession When Smart One.. She is also an editor, orator, and creative writing instructor.

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