Boy Scouts: Will You Earn One More Badge?

Boy Scouts are at the crossroads of protecting their future and redeeming the past. The bankruptcy restructuring plan recently submitted to the court is Proceedings Last week, a group of representatives of these survivors opposed the plan, chased by a man who was abused as a child by Scout leaders. “Minimize the history of organizations that fail to protect their children from sexual predators.”..

One way Boy Scouts admit past mistakes is to become a paradigm for child sexual abuse prevention and educate members to stop it before it begins. There are ways to do both, maintaining a good tradition of boy scouts and admitting the suffering of survivors. It is to have a border badge as part of the Scout curriculum.

There is a complete list of character traits that Scouts are supposed to develop, so-called Scout’s Law: Scouts are trustworthy, loyal, kind, friendly, polite, kind, obedient, cheerful, frugal, brave, clean and pious. This is supposed to mean that they respect the boundaries of others. But assuming is no longer enough. Moreover, If one of the characteristics of Scouts is “obedience” to adults who can hurt them, We must do more to not only soften these teachings, but also make them clearer. Boundary badges for scouts are useful.

Child sexual violence is still widespread. 1 in 10 children Sexually assaulted before the age of 18 – Almost all by family and friends..And some studies have found that these rates are Just a part What’s really happening-too often We don’t talk enough about the boy as a victim of abuseDespite the ongoing scandal.

Those who believe that boundaries are universally taught to students are wrong. The range of sex education curriculums nationwide is wide. Only 17 states require K-12 sexual health education “Medically accurate”. Eight States and Washington DC for Children Agree, But 42 hasn’t done yet. in the meantime, 29 states We want to reduce sexual violence by instructing students to avoid sexual activity altogether. It does not explain anything about the possibility of physical or psychological abuse without sexual intercourse.

Even the preventive curriculum as taught below Erin’s Law – It is difficult to enact a law requiring consent and borderline education at a school named after a survivor of sexual abuse called Erin Merryn. Thirty-seven states have passed the law, but many local governments have chosen not to implement it.There is no way to mandate Erin’s Law Federal governmentIt depends on the state and local boards of education, resulting in a true patchwork of sex education across the United States.

However, the refusal of traditional secondary education to cover anything related to sexuality does not have to be fatal. When it comes to education about intimate activities, young people are in a unique position to teach each other.Evaluation of Peer-to-peer sex education programs feel they are effective..

Boy Scouts — and Girl Scouts — can be powerful messengers of boundaries and consent. First, there are many of them. 2019, 61,366 I became an Eagle Scout, Added to 2.3 million Boys engaged in scouting activities every year. Second, they tend to be leaders among young people. Because Eagle Scouts are rule-oriented, they can be the de facto diaspora of community leaders among young men.

That means the beauty of the border badge. The boundaries do not have to be gender. They are actually adjacent to sex. It’s like peanut butter that you put around the pills we give your dog. Boundary topic This means that people have the right to choose how their bodies interact with the world.

The American Scout Association of Japan is not unaware that this is a valuable lesson.Boy scout Family life badge — Necessary for Eagle Scouts — Already, the Scout needs to meet with his parents to discuss topics such as: Appropriate judgment regarding gender, etiquette and etiquette. The Consent and Boundary topic is just the crossroads of these lessons, but because there is no approved curriculum, it is not possible to calculate whether the connection is established.

Parents may shut their mouths if there is a top-down debate about consent, but investing in a child’s leadership provides counterweight.Parents will have to disqualify as an Eagle Scout — and Scholarship opportunities it attracts — Reject what should be a non-controversial subject: Empathy, not touching anyone without consent, and respect..

This border badge also works for Girl Scouts.Both organizations are now accepting Gender incompatibility unitIt is not possible to book these lessons just for those who identify in a particular way. And while the victims of abuse are by no means negligent, educating only adults and expecting decent adult behavior did not seem to stop the spread of abuse. By focusing on children under the age of 18, they are aware that they are crossing boundaries and are not responsible.

Teaching children about consent and talking about unwanted progress may save American institutions. #MeToo and #TimesUp have taught us that educational institutions will not stand up if sexual misconduct is allowed. Such boundaries need to be part of social America.

Perhaps the Boy Scouts of America will survive beyond the scandal, but only if the organization shows that it is committed to ensuring that another scout, or another child, will not be sacrificed again. increase.

About the author: Kelsey Baker is a former Marine and has been certified as a defender of the victim.

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