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Brody Jenner & Jen Bunny Talk Hookup On ‘The Hills’ & Lauren Conrad – Hollywood Life

CelebritiesBrody Jenner & Jen Bunny Talk Hookup On ‘The Hills’ & Lauren Conrad – Hollywood Life

Jane Bunny Guest-starred on the April 12 and 19 episodes Was it real? the hills rewatch podcasthosted by Brody Jenner, Heidi Montag, Frankie Delgado And audrina patridge, The group discussed an episode from the show’s second season that focused on the passing of Jane and Lauren Conrad friendship. During the episode, the group celebrated Jane’s 21st birthday, and the storyline was that Jane was making a play for Brody, Lauren’s girlfriend. Heidi and now-husband, Spencer Pratt, wanted to forge a relationship between Jane and Brody, and the four left the club together at the end of the birthday party. By the end of the episode, Lauren wasn’t even talking to Jane, and she was furious with Heidi for allowing Spencer to provoke her into a hookup.

Sixteen years later, however, Jen and Brody have clarified that they never hooked up. Although Brody was convinced that they had a quick kiss once in the car, Jane insisted that she did not get physical with Brody even once, and he agreed. Jen questions why Brody has never clarified the fact that they never connected in the past, and he explains that he never felt like he had the opportunity to do so. He also admitted to running storylines for the show with Spencer, and told Jen that he didn’t realize how hard fans of the show were being for him after the episode aired.

brody jenner became jane
Brody Jenner and Jen Bunny Confirm They Were Never Actually Attached to ‘The Hills’ (Rob Latour / Shutterstock / SplashNews)

Jen reminds Brody about an interview where he was asked about the situation and replied, “I don’t kiss and tell,” and he also can’t remember why he was in her defense at the time. did not reach “Sorry,” he said to Jane. “I guess I was just trying to keep the cliffhanger going. I didn’t know [what people were saying to you], Brody also noted that he and Lauren were never an official item and were having fun flirting on-camera due to their good “chemistry”.

Brody Jenner Lauren Conrad
Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad at an event in 2008. (Sarah Jae / shutterstock)

Heidi and Jen also made it clear how close they were while filming these early seasons of the show. Jen explained that she was like Lauren and Heidi’s “third roommate” and hanging out with her entourage all the time. Heidi also claimed that off-camera, Lauren said that she “didn’t care” if anything was happening between Brody and Jen. Looking back, Jane said she thinks Lauren was In fact was upset as she began to grow closer to Heidi and Spencer, while Lauren began to distance herself from them. Heidi also pointed out that Spencer was starting to make a name for himself Mountain By making up a story, which Heidi was believing. She said that Lauren didn’t like that the show was starting to go in a different direction than she originally intended.

In the present day, Jen and Lauren are no longer friends, but Jen states that they are cordial whenever they see each other. “In my heart, we’re good,” Jane concluded. “I feel there’s no animosity, no tension. I’m very comfortable going back and discussing what happened because I don’t really have any regrets. I feel like everything happened the way it happened.” Happened for a reason. I’m sure the cat learned a lot about himself. If he came up to me one day and said, ‘Hey, you wanna get a cup of coffee?’ Great! Let’s do it. But there’s no desire at all from my side. I’ve had a very full life. So the door is open, but there’s no frustration, so to speak.

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