Caitriona Balfe Reveals Her On-Set Hair Transformation and Beauty Routine Ahead of “Outlander”‘s Season Six Premiere

Balkh also has some of these wigs Sneak peak For her character’s journey in future episodes. “What’s great is some for this season [episodes] “A place where Claire and Jamie aren’t in Ridge,” she said, referring to the Fraser family’s mansion in North Carolina during the American Revolutionary War. Balkh once again praises the skeleton. “She was able to make these beautiful pieces and I am a lucky recipient who was able to wear them.”

Balkh keeps her offset cosmetology routine low maintenance.

Claire’s beauty looks are beginning to influence Barfe’s own simple yet sophisticated offset beauty routine. “Claire wears things with confidence, but that’s always the best thing, right? She usually wears such minimal makeup. That’s the way I roll anyway,” she said. I’m kidding. “In general, when I ask what’s in my makeup pouch, it’s probably mascara When Lip balm On the best day ”

Balkh also makes skin care simple. I use a lot of nice serums because I think that’s one thing I can give to myself.I Facial cleanser by skinBalkh also attributed her shiny skin to “a lot of moisturizer and a lot of water.” NYDG Formula 119 Cream “a month of Sundays.”

But if there’s one new way Balkh has recently upgraded her routine, it’s how to make eyebrows. This is the skill she learned in the set make-up trailer. “I was always hesitant to do something on my eyebrows … but when I shot a lot of things from the 1960s, we were full. [my brows] It was a fair amount because I needed to balance it with a really strong make-up, “she explains. When it comes to eyebrows, it can be a little more bold. Well, sometimes you will catch me on a good eyebrow day. She trusts the two Allure Editor’s favorites As her new reliable: ” Salat Beauty Pencil I found it really, really good, and I’m a fan Grossier Boy Brow.. “

Healthy boundaries are the key to Barfe’s self-care.

in the meantime Makeup inspiration Is a healthy takeaway, and the emotional sacrifice of the heavy subject matter of historical drama is, of course, difficult to leave on the set. Balfe’s Claire is a surgeon who turned from a medic to a surgeon. This means a scene depicting her brutal pre-anesthesia procedure. The entire large episode deals with war, loss, sexual trauma and assault. This is one of the reasons Balkh learned to set boundaries after work.

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