Carli Lloyd, Hope Solo blast USWNT’s old CBA while discussing settlement

Carli Lloyd knows that there is still a little work to be done regarding the recent equal pay for equal work settlement between US football and USWNT. In the first episode of the new podcast Hope Solo Speaks, hosted by former USWNT goalkeeper Hope Solo, she addresses the contingencies imposed on her contract.

Lloyd said Wednesday that he has no idea how the current CBA negotiations have progressed since he retired from the USWNT in November. She calls solving certain aspects of the USWNT-US football battle “relief,” and she admits that the battle is not over yet. The recent equal pay for equal work agreement between the two sides is conditional on the USSF and USWNTPA ratifying the new CBA.

“It also requires men to agree to the same deal that women get,” she said. “That is, there are many variables.

“I hope US Soccer understands that. If you go down this route and leave the CBA hanging and you don’t agree with everything the player wants, you’ll almost retreat.

“I think everyone feels good now, but there’s still a little work to do.”

There is also work to make sure the new CBA is an improvement over the old CBA, but both Lloyd and Solo agree, but this wasn’t a big deal.

“When you signed the latest CBA in 2017, you and I knew it wasn’t a big deal,” Lloyd said. “We knew, and we expressed it. And you told everyone on the team over and over again how they stratified contracts, the amount of contracts. It seemed that the number of guaranteed contracts was increasing, but the number of contracts was decreasing every year. “

According to Solo, the number of players with contracts has also decreased. This means they didn’t manage the pool of more players.

“I was shocked when I saw the contract after being fired,” Solo said.

“How these contracts were constructed — how do you reduce contracts in the years of the World Cup and the Olympics?” Lloyd was added. “There are fewer contracts than the roster actually allows. The Olympics are 18 and the World Cup is 23. How did you retreat? So the players who belonged to the World Cup team, the Olympic team. Some didn’t even have a guaranteed contract. “

The 2017 CBA allowed the Players Association to manage the group’s portrait rights to licenses and non-exclusive sponsorships when the USSF is unsponsored. In addition, direct and bonus rewards have been increased, increasing financial support for players who want to have daily allowances and children.At the time, players like Becky Sourbrunn used the word fairness. Explain CBAWhat Solo called for on Wednesday.

“Everything we’ve done to fight-and for the team to sign unequal contracts and use words like” well, it’s fair, “she said. “We were fighting for equality. Not close, but not equal.”

Two years after the CBA was approved, USWNT players filed equal pay for equal work alleging sexism in US football.

Current CBA negotiations have been extended until at least March 31 after the previous agreement expired in 2021.

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