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Image credit: Chuck Zlotnik / © Disney+ / Marvel Studios / The Everett Collection

The Thunderbolts are making their screen debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2024. In the comic books, the Thunderbolts are a group of antiheroes/reformed villains who work for the government. Miracle Confirmed at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con that a by lightning The movie is officially in the works, and all the cast members have already been introduced to the MCU! The upcoming film has an all star cast and will be a part of Phase Five of the MCU.

Unfortunately, fans may have to wait a while to see the film, as production has been put on hold due to the ongoing WGA Writer’s Strike, but it’s unclear how that will affect the film. Thunderbolts’ Release date. HollywoodLife all scoop on by lightning Below Keep reading to learn more about the cast, release date, and more!

by lightning release date

by lightning was scheduled to hit theaters on July 26, 2024. The official release date was announced in July 2022 at San Diego Comic-Con. According to a report in, has been stopped due to the writers’ strike deadline. The film was expected to begin filming in June 2023, but the crew was told that production would have to wait until the end of the strike. by lightning This is not the only film that was put on hold. Film blade and TV series wonder man were also stopped. It is unclear whether this will affect the release date.

This film will be the second to last film to be released in the first phase five. blade starring Mahershala Ali, mcu phase 5 movies coming out first by lightning include Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, MiracleAnd Captain America: New World Order, Marvel is also launching several Phase 5 TV shows, including Disney+ secret invasion, bottle gourd season 2, iron Heart, echo, Agatha: Covenant of ChaosAnd Daredevil: Born Again,

by lightning cast Crew

sebastian stan
Sebastian Stan will play Bucky Barnes in ‘Thunderbolts’ (Photo: Chuck Zlotnik / © Disney+ / Marvel Studios / Everett Collection)

by lightning The cast was revealed at Disney’s D23 Expo in September 2022. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Artists were brought on stage to introduce themselves to the audience. Here is the complete cast.

  • sebastian stan as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier. Sebastian made his MCU debut in 2011 Captain America: The First Avengers, Since then, he has appeared in six more films and miniseries. falcon and winter soldier,
  • Wyatt Russell as John Walker. In falcon and winter soldierJohn is appointed by the US government as Captain America’s successor.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Valentina is the director of the CIA and begins building the Thunderbolts in a post-credits scene. black mother, he’s in too Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,
  • Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova. Yelena is the adopted sister of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow who is recruited by Valentina to kill for her role in Clint Barton’s death. she goes after clint Hawkeye series.
  • david harbor as Red Guardian. Red Guardian Natasha and Yelena have the same father. He is inside black mother,
  • Olga Kurylenko as Antonia Drakov / Taskmaster. Antonia is brainwashed by her father in black mother,
  • Hannah John-Kamen Ava Starr as / Ghost Ava has invisibility and intangible powers that manifest ant-man and the wasp,
  • Harrison Ford as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Thunderbolt is an American military officer previously played William Hurt, Harrison will make his debut as the character in CAptain America: New World Order. In a February 2023 interview, Harrison remained silent on doing anything Captain America: New World Order And by lightning,

Jake Schreyer is directing by lightning, marking his first MCU project. His most famous movie is from 2015 paper Towns, Eric Pearson screenwriting, done it before Thor: Ragnarok And black mother,

production trivia

Kevin Feige revealed at D23 that by lightning Will start filming in early 2023. David Harbor revealed that he would be filming by lightning And stranger things Season 5 at the same time. “It’s going to be a back and forth with me. They are going to share me,” he told collider, “And so it’s kind of, I don’t know how they’re working it out, but it’s a week on, week off, two weeks on, two weeks off, something where I’ll go back and forth. David also revealed that both the projects are being shot in Atlanta, which helps with his busy schedule.

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh returns as Yelena in ‘Thunderbolts’ (Photo: Kevin Baker / © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios / Everett Collection)

what do we know about it by lightning plot

when marvel revealed by lightning, he also unveiled the brief plot details. It reads, “A group of anti-heroes go on a mission for the government.” It is comparable to the story of the Thunderbolts in the Marvel comic books. Helmut Zemo creates the Thunderbolts in the comics, but Daniel Bruhl He appears to not be returning as Zemo in the film, so clearly the MCU is going in a different direction.

Wyatt Russell
Wyatt Russell returns as John Walker in ‘Thunderbolts’ (Photo: Chuck Zlotnik / © Disney+ / Marvel Studios / Everett Collection)

David Harbor gave some hints about by lightning in an interview on phase zero podcast. “We’re kind of losers, which I love. And I think it’s fun to watch us mess everything up,” the actor said. “I think there’s a spectrum. I think it’s a lot of fun, but there’s also a lot of compassion in it.

David continued, “There’s a lot of drama in a bunch of people who keep falsifying their lives—flaws of character, messing things up. And nobody’s giving them the respect they deserve as Captain American.” And give Iron Man – very capable people. So there’s a lot to draw from. I think there’s a lot of movies out there that would be fun.

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