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The world is changing how it views cannabis, and thus, the cannabis world is changing its views – particularly on what constitutes a part of sesh. Although legalization/decriminalization efforts have spread throughout the United States, the industry remains largely white and male. is one of the challengers to that notion Ranagade Peranaknown as “Roller to the Stars”, for which Blunt and Joint rolled Snoop Dogg, Drake, Madonna, Rihanna, even more. “There is a global shift towards freedom for all and feeling that we matter,” she explains. HollywoodLife discussing his 4/20 partnership with Jimmy John’s.

“Women all over the world are coming together to ensure that the next generation has more opportunities than the previous generation,” Ranagade said. hl, “I’m honored to challenge the status quo every day, and Jimmy John’s working so hard for 4/20 this year is a perfect example of cannabis going mainstream and a super win for girls! I can’t wait can do!

born in iran as Rana SamargandiShe and her family immigrated to America via Austria when she was young. Her seventh grade social studies teacher called her “Rana Piranha” because, as she put it, In fact? Really not? podcast, it was “an easier way for people to pronounce [her] Naam and your mouth is big… you are a feudalist.” in high school, jay zee And eminem “Renegade,” dropped and all his friends started calling him that because of the chorus (‘Never afraid to say / What’s on my mind any time of day).

In 2016, she landed the gig when a mutual friend — who had been growing with Snoop’s cannabis soil company, Snoop’s Premium Nutrients — introduced her to the rap legend, per Leafly. Rana had to appear in a roll-off with two other contenders, and after smoking out the competition, she landed the gig. Since then, she has expanded into modeling, music, and entertainment, putting “Rana” into “Ranaissance Women”.

“I’ve tried so hard my whole life to define success for myself,” she explains. hl. “Ultimately, being able to live out my life has been a revolutionary act of independence. Being a woman in the industry is hard enough, but having the odds stacked against you like this has been a challenge I do not take lightly. A dream Gratitude every day for giving me a chance to live.”

Being mindful of what you consume is a tenet of cannabis culture. Whether it’s what you smoke, who sells it to you or what’s in the sandwich you munch on, it pays to pay attention to this 4/20. In 2023, it makes sense to buy (where legal) from women and POC when preparing to celebrate the stoner holiday. (Check out Essence’s guide to Black women-owned brands.) John’s.

A year after Jimmy John’s offered discounts to those engaging in 4/20 activities, the sub-slinger is now offering The Munchie Crusher, a sandwich featuring turkey, provolone and avocado spread, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, sliced Contains pickle, ajwain-tulsi. and mayo. Those who use the Jimmy John’s app can indulge their meal with the code FREESIDE the week of 4/20 when used with any sandwich purchase. In addition, those who visit the Jimmy John’s location in Long Beach will see Ranagade at work, as she will give a rolling performance. There will also be gifts, a DJ and swag.

“It’s a match made in heaven,” says Ranagade. hl. “Rolling is an art, and I am very proud of my art. I strive for perfection with everything I roll, the same way Jimmy John’s strives to make the best sandwiches every day. Munchie Crusher is going to be perfect for those of you who are hungry on 4/20 because it’s an online and app-exclusive sandwich made with turkey, provolone, avocado spread, mayo, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato (if you want) Accompanied stacked high on wheat bread. them), chopped pickles, and of course… extra oregano.

“But … the most genius part is that Jimmy John’s actually made actual, smokeable rolling papers that look like their sandwich wraps,” she adds. “How! When they told me that, I was so excited to be a part of the collab. Pull over to Long Beach so I can roll you a sandwich! Only on 4/20, 21+ fans can get their favorite sandwich rolls in this special Wrapped in paper can. I can’t wait to bring out the energy.

That energy is what Ranagade brings to his days as a “celebrity roller”. when snoop in 2022 Tweeted that her salary has increased due to inflation when a report claimed that she earns between $40k and $50k.

Does this mean she’s just hanging out with DO-Double-G and providing him with a fresh blunt whenever he wants it? no way. I get this question all the time [laughs], I don’t travel with a cavalcade of my clients,” she tells HL. “When the flower falls, I roll the most precise joint, spliff, or blunt you’ve ever seen, and his crew picks it up … But I’m everywhere with my blunt bar all the time, and I love it.” to love.

She adds, “I have many celebrity clients, ranging from musicians, athletes and actors to TikTok stars, no day is the same.” “I am truly blessed to see that because of all the hard work, I get to do what I love and meet as many distinguished people in the world as I do.”

As more states legalize recreational and medicinal use, new industries are opening up—and rolling is an artisanal talent like any other. “It’s no different than peers in any industry,” she tells HL when asked if she communicates with other professional rollers. “We keep each other updated on new trends and techniques that will help us hone our craft. We want to do great work like you. Just because you’re considered a ‘master’ at something, doesn’t mean Doesn’t mean you stop learning and growing.

Rolling is also an evolving art form. While there are plenty of tools and preroll cones available to help any novice get ready for 4:20 on April 20th, a quick online search shows people going crazy with their rolls. A quick look at ‘Blunt Shapes’ on Pinterest reveals witches’ brooms, helicopters and various cartoon characters, all made from rolling paper and hemp.

“You know, there are so many ways to be creative with rolling these days, and I love all the great shapes that people make,” says Ranagade. “However, I have perfected the ‘classic shape’—if you will. [laughs], This is tried and true for thousands of years. My customers are true smokers who want a complete experience from first pull to last draw. Granted… if one of my clients asked me to smoke a Tyrannosaurus, I would do it [laughs],

What does she love to smoke whenever she mixes business and pleasure? Rolling papers have expanded from flax to rice paper to organic hemp to unbleached paper—even paper with edible gold foil. “I appreciate the market offering so many options for everyone to choose from. I’m excited about Jimmy John’s Sandwich Wrap Rolling Papers, which are rice paper,” she says. “I personally have always been a blunt smoker, but since JJ’s stock is limited edition, I will definitely keep this in my account if I run out… which is such a genius of JJ’s May he keep the community that way!”

Although the wider cannabis goods market may soon be as easy as pressing a button, Ranagade isn’t worried about his craft going extinct. She states, “The art will never end because a perfect roll experience (especially by me) is pure magic that cannot be replicated through machinery or AI.” “It is something that only experience and knowledge can create.”

“With increased decriminalization, a wide variety of people are more open to trying and exploring the vast possibilities that exist with the plant, and with it being less stigmatized than before, there are opportunities for education and medicinal advancement,” she adds.

And for those who are somewhat intimidated to roll their own, she offers advice. “This is the same advice for anyone trying to perfect a new skill. It takes time, patience and dedication – you get better with knowledge and practice. I’ll soon have courses available for anyone who can’t roll,” she says. She also hints at something big on the horizon: “I’ll be sharing my expertise with the world soon, details coming soon.” Is!”

In the meantime, she’s gearing up for a wild 4/20 in Cali. “You know I’ll be hanging out at Jimmy Johns in Long Beach for most of the day!” she says. “If you’re 21+, come and enjoy the DJs, the swag, and, most importantly, get a glimpse of what my clients experience. You bring a Munchie Crusher for lunch and I have it rolled in a special Jimmy John’s Sandwich Wrap Rolling Paper!”

And if you’re ordering him a bite to eat? “Cucumber, lettuce, mayo, turkey with lots of oregano and basil because I love herbs!” she says. “Not tomato, but def pile on avocado… It really seems like Munchie Crusher was made with me in mind – they should nickname it ‘Ranagade’.”

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