Cheating on the Country: A Matter of Presidential Integrity

“So what if I tricked my wife with an intern?” I asked my dad in 1998. We carefully avoided the word “blow”, which was later included in the vocabulary of our culture as an everyday word, as “cats” did later in Donald Trump’s America.

“It’s not like he cheats in the country.”

I said that with the self-righteous conviction and sophisticated perception of the teens who voted in the first election. Therefore, he has better knowledge of politics than his 40-year-old father who knew nothing. Because he was old.

He was a stubborn Republican and thought his reaction (“showing his lack of moral character and integrity”) was Partisan’s sour grapes. He hated Bill Clinton, as did the conservatives of his time. He later hated Hillary too.

Let’s say I disagree. Noisy.

He was John McCain’s man and I liked Obama. When the 2008 election took place, I called him and prepared to be enchanted.

“He’s a class act, baby,” he said. Obama was a Democrat. My dad’s man lost a fierce election that exposed the raw nerves of racism. Wasn’t he supposed to look down on him? Was he angry about losing?

President Obama played twice, but my dad lived only for a few months during his first term. I often wondered what he thought of Donald Trump. Of course, we were New Yorkers, so he knew Trump. I suspect he liked his ridiculous, self-speaking style, unorthodox approach to debate and campaigns. As a veteran of the Vietnamese era, I must feel that he would have been looking at the osteophytes. Working class kids like my dad didn’t have such an “out” from the draft. I suspect he had lost respect there.

When this generation of Trump supporters overtook the Capitol, they trampled each other, attacked the police, smeared dung on the walls, paraded firearms and Star-Spangled Banner costumes and flags, and replaced “America” ​​with “Trump.” rice field. “Patriotism” reminded me of my grandfather. Now I’m in my 40s and have a politically oriented kid who will vote in the next election.

And finally, I think I learned what he tried to teach me over 20 years ago.

It’s about moral character. It’s about honesty. Without either, the country is no longer safe if accountability is removed. That’s why bragging about “grabbing a pussy” is important, postpartum wife cheating with a porn star is important, stealing from a child’s cancer charity is important, and not paying workers for work. It was important, it was important to lie, and insult was important. Cruelty was important. It was not separate from the riots at DC and the incitement of the five corpses. It is not unrelated to the clear and undoubted inability to accept that it was a free and fair election he lost. Not far from seeing Covid’s death as a personal attack on his presidency, rather than the greatest challenge and responsibility of his life.

It’s about moral character. It’s a lack of integrity.

From now on, we will use it as a barometer to elect political leaders from all political parties.

I got it now, pop.

Jaime Franki

About the author: Jaime Franchi is a former Editor-in-Chief of Long Island Press and was recognized by the New York Press Association as the 2017 Writer of the Year Winner. Jaime’s work has been published in The New York Times, Salon, and The Huffington Post, with two awards, including “These Winter Months, Late Orphan Projects” and “I Love Her, I Don’t Love Her.” A contributor to an anthology. Hillary paradox. ”

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