Choosing People AND Planet: Are Women in Your Definition of Sustainability?

Never before have we had so many opportunities to make “good” choices for the planet. Certified banana When coffee Shopping carts, eco-friendly vacations (when you can travel again!), T-shirts made from recycled materials, etc. can make your sex life more environmentally friendly. Sustainable condom..

But as the sustainability market grows, so does the competition to define “sustainability” in our lives. In the sea of ​​”green,” “do this,” and “should not do it,” it is people, especially women, who are buried in ever-changing conversations. As we all strive to weave sustainability into our daily choices, we are increasingly feeling that we have to choose between people and the planet.

So what teeth ““Sustainable” and how do you define it in your life?

Last year, in this seemingly endless pandemic, I celebrated working for 20 years in the world of “sustainability.” In 2000, when I first started, it wasn’t sustainability that was the buzzword of the time, and then we talked about international development and the end of poverty. Or if you worked for an environmental charity, that is, “green.” And strangely, it was rare for those essentially interconnected worlds to overlap.

Despite all that 2020 has thrown at us According to polls People have noticed that people and nature are inextricably linked. Happiness on one side is central to the other, and vice versa. Many recognize that sustainability is the true crossroads of people, planets and interests. This gives me hope for the future.

But still, as individuals, it can be difficult to tell if our actions make a difference. should do it Are you doingDo you replace the light bulb or ask your employer Women and coffee organization?? Answer: It’s both!

We often think that just knowing the problem will change people’s behavior. If we know that kids work in the cocoa fields that supply our favorite chocolate brands, we don’t buy them. Or, if you know that the workers who choose bananas don’t make enough, choose apples instead. Knowledge is rarely a barrier. It may be price, taste and convenience that drive our actions. And it’s the same on a large scale. Businesses, workers and governments can be driven by everything but what is really happening in the field.

So if we can start to understand why People act and make the decisions they make. So couldn’t we take a positive step together? What if we could all stay connected to sustainability as a practice of our daily lives, rather than the intangible to-do list that comes to mind?

Taking things one step further, with all the (important!) Talk about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we are almost completely lacking. Huge power to fight climate change-woman! It is often said that investing in women is the key to changing the world, but over the course of research, educating girls has been ranked as one of the top 10 most powerful methods. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions..

More than half of the people working in agriculture in developing countries are women. But simply providing knowledge is not enough. It is important to have access to land and ownership to make this education available in the field. When I visited Côte d’Ivoire, I met Sorange, a cocoa farmer working with the Rainforest Alliance. He says: The land of her husband. ”

Staying in education will not be enough.

So what does this mean for us as individuals? You probably can’t get the big picture of all the producers we depend on, or the companies we buy.How can I make sure it is placed? Man Is it the first of our daily choices?

The answer is simple – you are the first to start.why you Want a more sustainable world? Do you want to continue to enjoy the splendor of the forests and beaches?Do you like avocados or because you can’t live without them? chocolateTwo crops under the threat of climate change?

With personal inspiration, you can start thinking about the simple steps you might take. We help you choose certified products over other products, look for new food waste recipes, and help projects put people, especially women, at the center of change. The list goes on, and that’s important.

You can’t save the world with a grocery cart, but you can make wise choices for people and the planet.

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Emma Harbor is the Global Advocacy Director of the Rainforest Alliance, overseeing the organization’s advocacy activities at the global, regional and local levels.

Rainforest Alliance Is an international non-profit organization operating in more than 70 countries at the crossroads of business, agriculture and forests. The Rainforest Alliance is creating a more sustainable world by harnessing the power of society and markets to protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and forest communities.

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