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CelebritiesChristina Sends Message To Addison – Hollywood Life

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Blue is still trying to connect with Jules, but she brushes him off. He asks her to go out with him to a new bar. She thinks it sounds like a date so she turns him down.

Addison shows up back up for just one day in Seattle. Link tells Jo that she and Scout are learning sign language to be able to connect with Luna, and she becomes upset. Everything Link tries to do gets the opposite reaction to what he wants. poor man.

chandra wilson
Chandra Wilson as Bailey (ABC)

A patient shows up in the ER and asks for Bailey in person. Blue brings Bailey to the patient, and he tells her that he is a “fan”, even though they have never met before. He asks about her new location, which immediately makes Bailey suspicious. Suddenly he wakes up and tries to attack her. Thankfully Blue manages to get him to the ground and rescues Bailey. When Ben finds out, he is furious.

Richard and Micah’s patient have three bullets left from the mass shooting in their bodies. The lead in the bullets is causing him serious problems. Owen assesses the matter and says that removing the bullets is the best course of action.

Mike has to bring Amelia to her apartment so he can do his part of the surgery. Amelia is knee-deep in a spiral. When she sees Addison in the hospital, she wonders if Meredith sent her. Addison is curious why Amelia would think that. Amelia tells Meredith, Maggie, and Kai have all abandoned her. “You know how well I do with abandonment,” she says. Yes, not good. He has a serious attitude when discussing surgery with Owen, Winston, Micah and Simone.

Winston confronts Amelia before surgery. She blames him for not being able to persuade Maggie to stay. “You destroy your ego with what was once true love,” she says. During surgery, Micah accidentally drops a pot and Amelia kicks him out. She shows no leniency.

Jules and Lucas’ patient begins to code when Schmidt isn’t around. Lucas learns that the patient requires an emergency tracheotomy. If they wait too long, the patient will die. Lucas takes charge and doesn’t wait for Schmidt. Schmidt descends upon Jules and Lucas, but he admits that Lucas saved his life. Lucas thanks Jules for supporting him, but she brushes him off.

Adelaide Kane
Adelaide Kane and Nico Terro as Jules and Lucas. (ABC)

Meanwhile, Winston really advances on Simone during surgery. Owen is hesitant at first, but Winston is insistent that Simone learn these skills. He’s a very different surgeon than Maggie, and he wants everyone to know it. Later, Owen gets emotional over his patient and how mass shootings keep happening. “I feel hopeless,” he tells Teddy.

Micah tries to talk to Amelia after surgery, but Amelia shows him no mercy. Amelia takes all her anger out on Micah about everything. Addison has to pull Amelia aside. Immediately, Addison asks if Amelia is high or using again. Amelia swears that she is not.

Addison is in some tough love with Amelia. He asks Amelia to go to AA meetings and “figure out how to be of service in this world.” If Amelia doesn’t change, she’ll eventually have to go to rehab. “No one has left you. Addison says, “Everyone is just doing the best they can.” Amelia is the only one who can stop his spiral.

Addison tells Amelia, “I love you, Amelia, and you must leave before it’s too late.” Addy is actually the best big sister to Amelia.

Teddy has an idea to help Bailey with the constant calls. She tasks the staff with calling the numbers and convincing Bailey’s side. Which gets Luna’s test results and goes to the direct link. Luna doesn’t have cancer or a tumor, just distinguishable hearing loss.

Lucas asks Jules to be Simone’s maid of honor. He can’t do that. When Jules sees Blue taking on another girl at the new bar, she feels a pang of jealousy.

Harry Shum Jr.
Harry Shum Jr. and Midori Francis as Blue and Mika. (ABC)

After an excruciatingly long day, Micah heads to the bar and puts his head in his hands. Taryn notices how upset and stressed Micah is about everything. She comes to Teddy’s doorstep and stands up for Micah. She doesn’t want to see Mika getting burnt like her.

Winston also stops by Teddy’s office to say that he wants to be considered for head of cardio. Maggie FaceTimes Richard from Chicago, and so far things are going great. Richard sees Amelia in the parking lot and asks her to go to an AA meeting.

As Addison and Bailey are packing supplies for the bus, Addison notices a note. “This should keep you in business for a while. Keep fighting,” read the message. The message is from none other than Christina Yang!

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