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Danielle Talks About Working With Rajkummar Early In Her Career – Hollywood Life

CelebritiesDanielle Talks About Working With Rajkummar Early In Her Career – Hollywood Life


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dani leigh One of the best mentors any musician had at the beginning of his career was: Prince. The “Tasty” singer, 28, revealed that working with the late icon helped her feel more confident in her music early in her career HollywoodLife About the relaunch tour of Smirnoff Ice.

Long before Danieli released her own music, she was tapped by the “Purple Rain” singer to direct the 2013 music video for her song “Breakfast Can Wait”. Pitchfork. The music video was the directorial debut of Dani Leigh, but it sparked a beautiful friendship between her and Prince. She went on to run her Instagram (or “princestagram”) as she calls it in July 2022. breakfast club, Danielle explains hl Being close to the Purple One “definitely inspires” him. “It made me work harder, believe more in myself, stay in my business. He taught me a lot,” she said.

DaniLeigh takes the stage at the Smirnoff Ice Relaunch Tour. (Sansho Scott /

DaniLeigh also revealed when she showed Prince her cover of “DOSE” Bryson Tiller, He told her, “You need to make sure your music is as good as this song.” She recalled, “So you know it’s a bit of pressure to show him the music, but it definitely gave me the confidence to get my confidence back and just keep going.”

With Prince as his mentor, Daniels was one of many stars the “1999” hitmaker took under his tutelage. Some of his other proteges include his longtime drummer Sheila E. girl group Vanity 6, and even Janelle Monae. As the late singer was very selective about who he worked with, this is clearly an honour. ,[Prince] doesn’t cooperate much, let alone people producing her,” Janelle explained new york post In a 2013 interview. “But he wanted me to be in control of the mixing and mastering and editing. The trust he put in me meant a lot.”

While Prince may have been one of the first big superstars Daniels got to work with, he was not the last. she admitted in an interview in July 2022 big boy tv that she wanted to collaborate with naming a “legend” Usher, Ciara, And Beyoncé As for the dream collab, and more recently, it was revealed that he got a chance to work with Queen B. Beyoncé was credited with “additional choreography”. Renaissance The world tour, which she knows, is an amazing opportunity. “It was great fun,” she said. “I couldn’t believe I got the call. Like I was shocked. Oh my god, we’ve been working on this for a month and a half. Even though working on the tour was a dream come true,” Daniels said. that she “would definitely love to do a song” with Beyonce.

DaniLeigh promises ‘energy’ from her performance. (Sansho Scott /

While she’s still looking forward to making music with Bey, DaniLeigh revealed she plans to release two new singles before her next album drops in August. Prior to the release, she dropped her “raw and sexy” R&B number “Tasty” in late April. The song is perfect for warm summer nights, and the singer admits she’s loving the reaction to it. “I really want to go to my prom this year,” she said. “I wanted my people and fans to feel good about themselves. So just empowering them to just encourage people to dance. i see people doing dance videos [the song], It’s great to see, because I think ‘Hey, look at this and her bag.’ Feeling like myself That’s what I wanted with this record.

DaniLeigh says her favorite is Smirnoff Ice Original. (Sansho Scott /

Speaking of “delicious,” it’s fitting that she’s partnered with Smirnoff Ice for a “relaunch tour” of the drink. DaniLeigh admits she’s a fan of the original Smirnoff Ice Sugar Free. “It’s great packaging. It tastes great. Real yummy, like my new single,” she said. As part of the Smirnoff Ice Relaunch Tour, she’s looking for “energy” and a good vibe for anyone coming out. I think the show is going really well and we’ve worked really hard in rehearsals. it just flows. It has a lot of moments. I’ve had a few costume changes, hair changes. So I’m really excited to start the tour,” she said.

As Smirnoff Ice embarks on its relaunch tour through the summer, with appearances from June through August, Danielle shows it’s the perfect summer drink. “We’re gonna have a good time,” she said. “Enjoy Smirnoff Ice and just be alive and have good energy and celebrate the relaunch.”

Find out how you can raise Smirnoff Ice on the Relaunch Tour here and keep up with Daniels’ new music and tour dates at his website.

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