Disabilities and the Workforce: A Community Too Long Overlooked

It is well documented that marginalized communities face wage and employment discrimination.important Wage gap Exists between women and men, And people with color experience Unfair employment practices.. But did you know that members of the disabled community also experience a significant amount of discrimination? October is the National Employment Awareness Month for Persons with Disabilities, so this is the perfect time to shed some light. barrier People with disabilities face employment practices, especially accessible employment.

25 percent Many Americans have disabilities and have twice the experience Unemployment rate Than people without disabilities. For women with disabilities and women with color disabilities, Unemployment rate It’s even more amazing. Often, the stigma associated with disabled employees is that they are not as productive as non-disabled employees. This may be true for some, but not for everyone. Therefore, it is important to clarify some myths in order to better understand the challenges facing the disabled community.

Yes, what is disabled Expensive, Especially when insurance is not available. Mobile devices, medical equipment, dosing, seeing a doctor, and other costs associated with disability can increase a person and quickly incur debt even for those employed. Therefore, people with disabilities need insurance to work for themselves and bear the cost of the care they need to live, but Medicaid, one of the few options available, has some disabilities. One obstacle is, depending on the state in which you live, Supplementary security income You need (SSI) to receive Medicaid. SSI guarantees the need for Medicaid to verify an individual’s disability status. Nevertheless, SSI recipients are subject to many strict and restrictive rules.For example, to receive an SSI, an individual must prove it. Can’t work, And even if approved, SSI only pays up to $ 783 per month. This is not enough for most individuals to live.Another point to note SSI recipient You cannot exceed $ 2,000 in your bank account or total assets at one time.In addition, of SSI recipients Earned income The maximum SSI payment amount cannot be exceeded.

This creates a great dilemma for people with disabilities. Medical costs are often high without Medicaid support, but receiving Medicaid makes it difficult for people with disabilities to find employment because their income is too high to qualify. These are the main reasons why some people with disabilities who can work full-time choose to work only part-time. They are afraid to lose health care. Still, working part-time makes employees less able to receive the health insurance paid by their employer, making people even more dependent on Medicaid. This also forces many people with disabilities to live with family and friends, which in turn can hinder their independence.

In addition to health care challenges, people with disabilities often face employment barriers in the form of discrimination. Many job descriptions include ability Lift and carry a minimum of weight, even if doing so isn’t really part of the job. This instantly distinguishes many people who cannot meet this requirement, especially those with disabilities.In addition, people with disabilities often decision Whether to disclose their disability when applying for a job.People are not Legal People with visibly disabled people cannot hide it because the disability must be disclosed in the job application. Wheelchair fashion designer Kaycee Marshall says she faced obstacles in applying for a job or internship in her field. “I was very excited to get a luxury designer internship in New York. After I had already taken on the job, they noticed that my Gmail photo showed me in a wheelchair and I took that position. I informed me that it wouldn’t be there.[their studio] I’m climbing the stairs. “Casey recalls. “I don’t know how true this is, but I was devastated. I removed the photo from my email because I didn’t reveal the obstacle in my internship. How many rejections I received based solely on my obstacle. I don’t know. “

When people with disabilities are hired, other challenges can arise. The 14 © exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act allows employers such as Goodwill and Opportunity Village to legally pay employees with disabilities. Less than the minimum wage.. Employers can “prove” to the Ministry of Labor that they should be able to pay employees lower than the minimum wage, and employee production rates are average unimpaired workers. You can do so by showing that it is lower than. This law is suitable for disability-discriminatory and capitalist standards, that is, standards that do not apply to people without disabilities.

Accommodation for employees with disabilities is often difficult in the workplace, but it does not have to be. A study According to the Job Accommodation Network, “60% of the accommodation at work can be created for free, but the remaining cost is an average of $ 500 per employee.” For example, having two autoimmune disorders. Andrea Franco, the coordinator of the higher education program, needs to spend an hour every day in and out of work. Her disability makes it difficult for her to concentrate and affects her energy levels, which makes long drives almost impossible. Andreana also receives IV treatment once a month and is forced to rest 3-5 days each time. She asked her employer if she could work at her home, but she argued that her job was impossible to do at her home and refused her request. it was done. That is, until COVID-19 forces her employer to approve her request.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers need to call some important ones hotelPeople with disabilities have been demanding for decades to work from home. It also opened the eyes of employers to the important need to provide accommodation, especially for people with disabilities. Number to increase I’m becoming disabled because of a pandemic.

People with disabilities live in a world that is not designed for them, so they had to acquire skills such as adaptation and problem-solving.Incredible skills assets And it’s usually sought after at work. In addition, hiring people with disabilities creates a more diverse and inclusive work environment, and recent reports show that inclusive companies “on average have the potential to earn twice as much total shareholder interests as their peers. It is shown to be “high”. research Conducted by Accenture. In addition, companies that employ people with disabilities said, “In the four years analyzed, on average, revenues increased by 28%, net income doubled, and economic margins increased by 30%.” got it. In addition, the turnover rate of more comprehensive corporate staff is 30% lower Than what isn’t.

Nonetheless, beyond all these benefits, perhaps the most important reason to hire a disabled person is right.

Employers who want to increase the number of people with disabilities, and those who are trying to work with employers who have already embraced the disabled community, can find: Resources here..

Cheyenne Leonard Accessibility of Loreen Arbus is a basic programThe first fellowship established to train women with disabilities as professional journalists and to be able to write, investigate and report on the most important issues affecting the disabled community.

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