Don’t Miss: ALL ARTS Presents Past, Present, Future Dance Film Festival with Accessibility Features, Premiering May 9, 10 and 11 at 8 p.m. ET

For inauguration Past Present Future Dance Film Festival, All art Collaboration with choreographer Kyle Abraham AIM by Kyle Abraham Pam Tanowitz Artist’s with Pamtanowitz Dance Kinetic light Filmmakers Dehansa Rogers, Liz Sargent, and Catherine Helene Fischer reveal how dancers interpret different stages of time as motivations.Three films that make up Past Present Future It will premiere on the ALL ARTS TV channel (channel lineup) in the New York Metro area on the ALL ARTS app and from Sunday, May 9th to Tuesday, May 11th at 8pm EST.

ALL ARTS Past Present Future A festival that includes audio guides and captions for all films and one film with an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter. Access, including photo descriptions, is also integrated into the festival’s marketing efforts. To ensure accessibility, ALLARTS leveraged Bridge Multimedia to provide closed captions and audio guides.

You can see the trailer here..

Choreographers and filmmakers all created works at complex times due to the uncertainties and constraints of the coronavirus pandemic. Past Present Future It provides a valuable opportunity to witness the choreographer’s thoughts, processes and artistry time capsules. This includes how these artists view their field in difficult present moments when the future has many unknowns.

“At this year’s festival, ALLARTS can hire choreographers and filmmakers when COVID causes a lot of canceled work,” said Diane Masciale, co-executive of ALLARTS. “I’m happy to be able to shed some of the most influential choreographers in today’s dance. We encouraged their complete freedom of expression and couldn’t really be happy with the result. Each movie is completely different, but equally exciting. “

The screen is divided into a grid of five sections. Alice repeats in three sections. Alice, a multi-ethnic black woman with coffee-colored skin and curly brown hair, is eagerly flying towards her camera. Alice draws an arc, so her belly is on the floor and her wheels rise behind her. A thick black cable connects to her from above her. Her energy is electrical and feels like shaking. In the upper corner section, a mixed-race black artist, Brandon, holds multiple signs in front of a bright white background.Kinetic Light Alice Shepherd; One + One Make Three/ Safety Third Production.

The Past Present Future ALLARTS Dance Film Festival Lineup:

“If we were a love song” (Sunday, May 9th, 8:00 pm):

“If we were a love song” Produced by Dehansa Rogers for all art. Music by Nina Simone. Choreography by Kyle Abraham. A work by director Dehansa Rogers. Starring Kyle Abraham, Tamisha A. Guy, Kirati Zinakunwifat, Claude “CJ” Johnson, Catherine Kirk, Je Neil, Donovan Reed and Janna Theodore. Featuring Bell Family, Leton and Amari Hall, Nyala Sterling. Kyle Abraham is a creative director and executive producer. Kirby Griffin is a cinematographer. TJ Allston is a Gaffer. Dehanza Rogers is an editor and colorist. Additional photos by Gyasi Mitchell.

“DANCERS (slightly out of shape)” (Monday, May 10th, 8:00 pm)

Invented by choreographer Kyle Abraham and set for some of Nina Simone’s most intimate and exciting songs, If we were a love song A dance film that offers a cultural portrait of his company and community. Created in collaboration with AIM and filmmaker Dehansa Rogers, this series of poetic vignettes removes Abraham’s unique emotional movements and aligns them with the raw power of Simone’s music, with deep sorrow. Deep love shows that we often live in the same quiet moment. The movie concludes with a caption and an audio guide. Filmmaker Liz Sargent’s Veritelens, choreographer Pamtanowitz and her dancers will return to rehearsals during the 2020 pandemic. Tanowitz ponders the fleeting nature of performance and rethinks the future of her work in the film. Audiences can rarely see the choreographer’s creative style. Due to its finale, the film shifts gear and features full fledgedex cerpts from “Every Moment Alters” featuring the music of the Caroline Show. In contrast to the rehearsal process, Tanowitz portrays the final dance style as a sophisticated film. The movie concludes with closed captions and audio guides.

“One + One Make Three” (Tuesday, May 11th, 8:00 pm)
The documentary / dance film directed by Catherine Helen Fisher, along with the acclaimed ensemble of disability art, Kinetic Light, presents innovative experiments that are as challenging, provocative and beautifully accessible as the art itself. Includes.
According to Diane Masciale, co-executive for ALLARTS, “Like any other choreographer, ALLARTS Past Present Future The festival, Kinetic Light, was chosen because of the undeniable influence of their work. Not only are we amazed by the films produced, but we are grateful for the important role Kinetic Light played in advocating for making the entire festival more accessible. They inspired and guided us in establishing new practices for improving the accessibility of other films at the festival and future programming at ALL ARTS. This movie takes the audience behind the scenes, in the studio, and in the air. Dancers partner, spin and soar, looking back on art, dance and disability as creative forces. Featuring dance artists Jerron Herman, Laurel Lawson and Alice Sheppard. Artist / ASL interpreter Brandon Kazen-Maddox; and audio guide Cheryl Green. The broadcast version of this movie integrates ASL with open captions and an optional extended audio guide. This movie is available online in four versions. ASL + open captions + audio guide. ASL only. Open captions + audio description; and open captions only. Audio description and transcript audio files will also be available.

ALL ARTS Leadership Support by Jody and John Earnhold, Earnhold Foundation, Sue and Edgarwachenheim III, Kate W. Cassidy Foundation, Jerome L. Green Foundation, Andrew W. Melon Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, Anderson It is generously provided. Family Fund and Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.


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Television viewers in the New York area will also be able to watch 24/7 broadcast channels. For all the ways to watch, visit the following website:

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