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Let’s talk about animal prints to commemorate World Wildlife Day (March 3rd)! Animal print is a risky and rewarding style element.Leopard spots or tiger stripes can It looks great, edgy and chic. However, these prints can also be cheap, sticky, or flashy. It’s a compliment or a failure situation, which can be scary.

Fortunately, there are some simple strategies that can protect you from major style failures. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do to help you confidently exercise your wildlife talent in your wardrobe.

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Please wear animal print accessories

Wear cute animal print accessories and immerse your feet in the sea of ​​wildlife. Scarves, bracelets, hair bands, handbags, socks, and even shoes are all a starting point. Visit the galleries below for inspiration.

A woman wearing an olive green twisted dress.

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Don’t be too sexy

If you are generally not good at wearing animal prints, you will feel self-conscious with super sexy animal print outfits. Tight dresses and short skirts also have spots and stripes, which can get the wrong kind of attention if you know what I mean.

When learning how animal prints affect others (specifically, their reaction to you), you’re more inclined to be refined and sophisticated than sexy and fascinating. please give me. If you feel confident, you can always set the fire later.

Mix animal prints with soft fabrics and shapes

Balance has always been a wise style strategy, especially for animal prints. Try combining edgy prints with soft fabrics and drape silhouettes (soft knit cardigans, comfortable cotton jeans, flowing blouses). As you can see in the Pinterest image below, this combination is a good head rotation.

A bold and well-shaped skirt looks incredible with a soft, unobtrusive cut sweater.

Do not pair mismatched prints

Mixing print Generally not for the weak.mixing Animal print In other patterns, people around you can get nausea. It’s possible to do it well, but if you’re reading this post, you probably don’t want to take that risk.

Stick to one animal print garment and keep the rest of the garments simple.

ZiziDonna shows here how to mix prints correctly. A zebra top that matches a check suit works for two reasons. First, the check is a small print, small enough to look gray when viewed from a distance. Second, the entire costume is limited to three colors: black, white and gray. It’s interesting, balanced, and eye-catching — it’s not overwhelming.

Pair Animal Print with Solid Neutral

The first time you try animal print, combine it with neutral. Start with black, white, beige and brown. These colors blend seamlessly with large cat and snake prints. Once you’ve mastered these combos, you can work with even more pop colors with shoes and fun handbags.

The coat is a bold statement piece, but this combo is very wearable.

This is another simple animal print outfit that anyone can wear.

How wonderful is this costume? White tops (note the understated cuts), printed midi, and their amazing orange shoes. This combo is appropriate because the skirt print is mostly white and not overly bold.

Do not wear thick / flashy jewelry with animal prints

Each outfit requires only one statement. In general, animal print pieces make up your claim, so you don’t even need to add crazy accessories to your mix.

Stick to simple cuffs, stud earrings, and a pretty necklace.

Pair with pink, red, or orange

When you’re ready to experiment, start with soft pinks, reds, and oranges. These colors (small amounts) can be gorgeous role players in animal print outfits.

Don’t worry about your age

Don’t let anyone say you’re too young or too old to wear animal prints. Any woman of any age can confidently bring out the elements of this style. Youthful style fashionistas can, for example, combine a lively animal print skirt with a moto jacket or sneaker. Fashionistas with a more sophisticated mood may prefer a zebra-patterned blouse under a blazer with mules. Any of these costumes can be worn by people aged 20 or 70.

After all, how you wear tiger, zebra, snake, leopard, and cheetah prints doesn’t really matter as long as you find it great. What I hope you take away from this post is the confidence to experiment. This is the first and most important step in learning the skills to wear animal prints.

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